Split Area – Scale & Cut is a unique feature that allows users to divide an area into smaller sections while also adjusting the scale and cutting them to fit specific dimensions. This feature is particularly useful in various fields such as architecture, interior design, and landscaping, where precise measurements and customization are vital. With Split Area – Scale & Cut, users can easily create accurate and tailored designs, ensuring that each section fits perfectly within the designated space. This feature enhances efficiency and saves time, making it a valuable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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VB7EQSpU784January 7, 2024
hUXeo1W4jg456November 22, 2023
OReuodvnp575December 10, 2023
m381HVZnstY567December 14, 2023
53FRUpd8Jc750December 30, 2023

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A simple app. Not that bad. Not too crazy on the adds. I firmly enjoyed it. The ads for it on YouTube and stuff was what the game showed as well instead of being misleading which I truely liked the most. Download if you want something to do on your phone. You get an ad about every 5 times you lose, and you can last a while, so that isn't that bad. Regular.

So much fun, I used to play this on a PC as an online game, so awesome to have it back for mobile!

There could be more skins and more backgrounds, not as much ads as other games, pretty fun tho

Not exactly like the game I remember but pretty close. Would be better without the constant adds

Found after so many searches, Thanks. Also add manual cropping option if possible.

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The calming yet addictive area game is back! Are there arcade lovers among us? We added few new features
- New balls, special for lock down
- New animations and improvements!

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