Castle Clash: Roi du monde est un jeu de stratégie épique disponible sur les plateformes mobiles. En tant que roi, vous devez construire et améliorer votre château, former une armée puissante et combattre d’autres joueurs pour devenir le véritable roi du monde. Rassemblez des héros légendaires et des créatures mythiques pour renforcer votre armée et débloquer de nouvelles compétences et capacités. Affrontez des boss puissants dans des donjons palpitants et participez à des batailles en ligne massives. Préparez-vous à dominer le monde dans Castle Clash: Roi du monde.

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If there was a zero star it would've been to many stars for this game. It doesn't allow me to change the language to english it doesn't log into my old account which i was quite high level aswell it. Is defenetly a pay to pay to play not even just a pay to play. You get okayish heroes without buying them but it doesn't matter cause you can get a player which start lastweek with their dads credit card and he'll beat you everytime.

The great games of the year 2021 new heroes and soldiers that can protect your camp and castle that attack of different enemies.. More effect colors and new heroes..

There's one thing it needs help in people that need it in English so people can understand it better like me, I have had to try to figure it out the language and it's still hard for me but I still play it but it needs to have English writing area to click on so that people can understand it while playing like for me to understand

I love the games

I'm stuck in tutorial because the button for recruiting army cannot be pressed.. IGG should make "Skip" button to skip tutorial!

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A decade-old classic starts a new global competition! [Ajouts]
1. Nouvelle fonction : Remodelage de la guilde, Calendrier d'événements
2. Nouveau héros : Dreadshade
3. Nouveaux skin de héros : "Étoile de guerre" pour Dreadshade
4. Nouveau portrait de héros : Dreadshade
5. Nouvel enchantement : Bonbons du démon

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