Noblesse:Zero is a gripping WEBTOON™ series that delves into the dark and mysterious world of vampires and immortals. Penned by the talented writer, Son Jeho, this prequel to the popular Noblesse series offers a mesmerizing blend of action, suspense, and supernatural elements. Set in South Korea, it follows the enigmatic protagonist, Frankenstein, in his quest for revenge against the ruthless nobles. The rich narrative and captivating artwork make Noblesse:Zero a must-read for fans of the original series and newcomers alike, promising an enthralling journey into the heart of the Noblesse universe.

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Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™ Review

Absolutely amazing game, been waiting on this since i saw the anime. Not let down one bit. One add on idea Devs adding in a way to level characters through xp and sp without using it all or going tap by tap. Add in a multiplier 1x = 1 lvl 10x for 10 25x for 25 etc. I find myself having to tap on the lvl button way too often. Most of the time people won't want to use all or nearly all of their points on one character at a time. Overall fantastic work, keep it up boys and girls!

Fantastic!!! Love the graphics and the characters that are available. The game play is on the simple side, but fun none the less. I adore the fact that the characters are in chibi form. Everything about this game is awesome and well worth the wait. One small thing that I did notice that would have been helpful is if there had been a tutorial on where everything was and the such, but with enough exploring it's easy to find everything.

I am completely obsessed with Noblesse since reading the Webtoon and then watching the anime. Unfortunately this game does not quite live up to those standards. I love having the chibi versions of characters I love, and the artwork that pops up when they attack, Unfortunately after playing daily for over a year I've learned that some are almost impossible to rank up without spending money. The game seems to have been abandoned without being finished. Characters are missing. Where are Karias and Rajak, especially? There are sections of game waiting to be filled and yet nothing new is announced ever. Now that my phone is dead and I have to get a new one, I'm hesitating to install again. I want a great Noblesse game, but this isn't it.

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