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How to redeem ToonApp codes?

To redeem a coupon for ToonApp, open the app, go to the coupon section, enter the code at checkout, and enjoy discounts on premium cartoon effects and editing tools.

ToonApp Coupon Reviews

Just installed , and the biggest and best thing is even though I am working with the free version I was shown about 25 different toon art versions of my one picture. They are legit versions, very unlike other photo makeover apps where you get maybe five different versions of your pic and they usually look thrown together quickly and cheaply. Install the app you will be surprised and impressed.

Works great when it's just a face, and only a face. But if it includes anything more than just a face, the app won't allow you to select it, or crop it to capture just the face- you still need a photo editor to crop it out. To make matters worse, if it can't work with your image, you are forced to pick another image, you can't exit. Not happy with this app. Update: i emailed the developer with one of the photos that the app wouldn't recognize. Awaiting their response

Although a bit pricey, I really love this app. No, the finished product does not look exactly like the picture you started with, if it did it would just be a copy of the picture. After a little trial and error I am able to predict what the output will look like. Great pictures don't necessarily convert well and the best cartoon pictures usually come from pictures you don't like. The hardest problem I've had is getting eyeshadow to come through on the cartoon.

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