BevMo is a popular destination for all your beverage needs. Whether you’re looking for wine, spirits, beer, or even non-alcoholic options, BevMo has it all. With a wide selection of brands and flavors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your favorite drink. BevMo also offers special deals and promotions, making it an affordable option for stocking up on your favorite beverages. Visit your local BevMo store or shop online to explore the vast range of beverage options available.

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- 15% off any wine purchase, buy one get one free on selected spirits, $10 off any beer keg rental.

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- 25% off a bottle of wine, $10 off a case of beer, free wine tasting event.

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sTjhOP2q691November 17, 2023
9emYgO17Pc699November 15, 2023
tclv6pXFq623September 29, 2023
yBfINoF2vzr721November 1, 2023
7KyaGvf4cn809November 2, 2023

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This app makes me want to drink to forget about it, but I can't because it doesn't work. It's buggy, slow, and crashes every time you try to go to checkout. Every. Time. I've tried it with two different phones with the same problem. The only remotely useful thing about it is that it's a little quicker to shop and load stuff into your cart than the mobile site. But then you have to log in to the mobile website to go through that terrible checkout process.

Legitimately one of the most difficult apps to navigate I have ever used. If you are searching for a specific item it is average, albeit not great. But if you just want to browse it is terrible. The categories are mixed up and products are in places they shouldn't be and not in the places they should be. Sadly they do not care and this will never be fixed. Use the website instead which is mildly better.

This is the worst e-commerce app I've ever used. It's buggy and crashes often, usually in the middle of navigating their horrible checkout process. The search functionality is embarrassing. The number of taps required to add something to your cart is absurd. It's slow. It sends you notications constantly then requires you to enter in long promo codes to take advantage of the deals. Truly terrible user experience.

Garbage. Didn't work before, and now when I try to open the app, I get a screen that directs me to download the app on Google Play/App I take it that it's just loading some webpage. Oddly enough, I have the app. You know, the one that's telling me to download the app I have. For a place that prices its products $5-10 more than competitors, you can't afford to develop a working app? I'll gladly drive another ten minutes to shop at total wine, which is better in every regard.

This is the worst app in the history of e-commerce. So bad it's not even worth using. I would list the litany of user experience and navigation issues, not to mention bugs, but I would run out of space. It's as if the app was designed and programmed by a high-schooler hungover from too much syrupy California cab from the latest 5 cent sale. You are far better off shopping in the physical store even if it means driving 60 minutes round trip than trying to get through this dog's breakfast.

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The BevMo! app will make your shopping and planning much easier! Fixed:
Fixed issue where certain users could not select a time slot during checkout.
Fixed a display of “Directions” section in the Recipes screen.
Fixed “No Product Found” screen to display correct error message.
Fixed empty cart screen message and redirect button.
Fixed Update Address screen required and optional fields to behave accordingly.
Fixed unending loading indicator
Fixed bug causing app crash for some users

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