Will Hero is an addictive and thrilling mobile game that will keep you entertained for hours. In this action-packed adventure, you play as a brave hero on a mission to rescue the princess from the clutches of evil monsters. With easy controls and mesmerizing graphics, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the game. Collect coins, unlock new characters, and battle your way through challenging levels. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore fan of action games, Will Hero is sure to provide you with endless fun and excitement.

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This is literally my favourite game to play, I am addicted! The only problems I have with it is that when I'm offline, the chests I'm waiting to open suddenly say like 1000 hours of waiting and that's a little annoying; also when I got my new phone it didn't save my progress but I got over it quickly when I could get the unicorn character by watching ads. The game can be a bit challenging at times, but overall, it is super fun and good to play when you're bored. Definitely recommend 👍

This game was GREAT! Overall it was challenging but not too hard, there weren't too many ads and the game was hardly/not at all laggy. One thing that kinda set me off was my ability to not go back and collect chests but that IS apart of the game. It IS a go and keep running kind of game. It was great, the controls were easy, you could get around easily, everything was easy to find. Just totally and utterly easy. I would like to see some changes though. Crowns should be a liiiittle easier to get and coins should be worth more.

The game WAS amazing when I played. I stopped playing for a period. When I went back to it, I ended up losing all of my progress, the things I spent money on, Basically everything and now it's way more ads than what it used to be and I can't even get my helmets that I worked hard for. What a shame. There really should be a restore purchase or progress button.

It's a fun game but the tutorial should explain the movements a bit more. Like it doesn't mention being able to dash up and backward with a swipe. Also I found an odd mechanic when you press down with two fingers your character slow falls and sometime allows you to do a tiny dash. And a bug where if you dash backwards then up it has a chance to launch you very high. Other than these it's a solid game.

great time killer, and a neat concept for the unique control scheme. (I'm assuming the one-tap only mechanism is meant as a sort of challenge.) I like the variety of unlockables, and I LOVE that you can get them with in-game currency. That being said, I'd like to wander around the levels a bit, so maybe expanding the movement function to forward and backward along with the hopping could be cool. Food for thought.

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