In the world of Beam of Magic, embark on a thrilling roguelike RPG adventure filled with magic and danger. As a powerful wizard, you’ll delve into mysterious dungeons, battling against mythical creatures and uncovering ancient artifacts. With each playthrough being unique, every decision you make is crucial. Will you opt for stealth and cunning, or unleash powerful spells to annihilate your foes? Upgrade your abilities, gather rare spells, and challenge epic bosses. The fate of the magical realm lies in your hands. Will you wield the Beam of Magic?

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Beam of Magic – Roguelike RPG Tier List

Really enjoy playing this. A much needed twist on rogue like games. I have had one issue though. I received a phone call while playing a map on Hard mode but after returning to the game it put me into the highest level map on adventure mode. It did that twice. Frustrating when you're trying to complete quests. Oh, and my character seems to always use an invisible staff. Quite disappointing if you enjoy the cosmetic aspects of a game. Which I do. Everything else loads up fine except the weapon.

It's a bullet-hell, upgrade shooter. It allows you to move and shoot simultaneously and the graphics/animation are well done. It's got a strong core gameplay loop reminiscent of Archerhero. The main point of contention is the "Drop-in multiplayer". In execution it causes some vicious lagspikes/mob spawns while you're watching an ad causing you return to your dead corpse. Lag aside, I like the feature, it is really fun to take down a boss with others. Matchmaking/chat would make it a 5*.

I like this game quite a bit. Unfortunately I find myself avoiding it because I know I'm going to watch ~7 ads a match. I also don't like that new characters are obtainable only by spending real money. I have no problem supporting a mobile games development if I enjoy it, but limiting all the other characters behind a purchase ruins most the game for me.

It's not bad but not good either. The different maps all feel the same because your fighting the same general enemies in every one. Skills are unbalanced, for example in most games vampirism is on hit, in this one its on kill and gives you next to nothing back for health. Meanwhile the game does not give any descriptions for the abilities before you choose one. This wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that you only get a few level up per game and therefore very few chances to choose.

This game sucks, seems fun at first and easy enough until you get to the third area and all the enemies kill you on two hits and there are at least 20 attacking at once. On top of that, some of the abilities don't work, like the second chance, I had it, went down and it didn't activate when it was only my first time dying. This game has so much potential to be fun but it's just too buggy.

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