Angeldust Codes (2023 June) 3.28

Last update June 2, 2023

Angeldust is a fun simulation game with a huge open world and sandbox mode for those who love creativity. Unforgettable adventures await you, epic battles with hordes of monsters and exploration of uncharted territories. Use the unique opportunities given to you and discover the talents of a skilled builder and a brave warrior. You can build incredible buildings: castles, bridges and entire cities. In the game, you have access to several heroes, more than two dozen colorful locations, a wide selection of all kinds of building materials and a huge number of enemies. Build, explore and fight! Become the greatest hero of the fantasy world!

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hsXgUVxxxxx Get

- Gold x7839K, Gems x642, Coins x72149

bamZLNxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x961, Money x16257, Resources x8347K

Angeldust Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
B5RgpeWDZHzJuly 22, 2023205
UNbBIl8EK4fPJuly 30, 2023594
uaHzSsypUDJuly 8, 2023937
kNwtQ9gFjixJune 20, 2023293
YwI9R25CJ8yJune 18, 2023848

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Angeldust Tier List

The combat is decent, the open world freedom seems a little overwhelming but is still fine, and the options for building blocks are well varied and can be purchased with in-game money. However, there is still room for expansion, such as adding crafting and automization (since there is machinery involved), would I think would get players curious about what they can make. The population is underwhelming, and very few players are seen. I still think this game is pretty good.

This game is massively incredible. It offers many incredible features and amazing graphics but just playing online is disappointing add an offline mode!I personally play this game in portrait mode and the online mode requires a strong signal and it is annoying because I have to hold the module in a way to have the strong signal.

The idea is cool but the game could use more adventure. Perhaps a dungeon or a place in town that would take you to a dungeon like area would be nice. Also I don't see a map of the world in game. The exploration is ok... But I didn't understand the point of crossing the next hill.

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ADVENTURE. ANYWHERE! Endless worlds, epic battles and limitless building! Angeldust v3.28
- increased movement speed
- improved appearance of game world
- many performance enhancements and user interface improvements
- open for online game mode

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