1942 Arcade Shooting – in this game there is a chance to go back in time, as well as test personal strength in the world war. The main goal is to destroy the Japanese air fleet, as well as get out of the way, both naval and other forces of the state.

There are 20 stages ahead, where you will have to pave your own way to your opponents, firing to kill. Be sure to complete all the proposed missions to feel like a real pilot. Pay attention to 3 game modes, different types of opponents, a lot of equipment. Retro graphics are offered, as well as extremely simple controls. Achieve your main goal!

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Would be 4 (No ap deserves a 5). There's no instructions in game or anywhere to be found. I've found things that would have been nice to know up front. Locks up when I'm about to finally beat a difficult level and suddenly I'm looking at my phones home screen. Lost my entry and had to play those levels again. More than a couple times, and complained by many here. 2nd plane rarely lasts to finish. It's fun, but glitched. UPDATE: 1 more month and the same. Cheated out of completed challenges.

Graphics are too busy!! There's too much going on in the gameplay's graphics. It makes it hard up really see what's what at times. Sometimes you inadvertently run into items that you think are friendly because you can't instantly tell the difference between enemy fire and friendly collectables. Needless to say, I uninstalled it almost immediately!

If I could, I'd give no stars. I love the top-down shooter genre, and the resurrection of the old console game was exciting... until you start playing. I literally find myself spending more time waiting out ads, many of them not optional, than I do playing. I can only imagine what the revenue is like for the amount of ads based on this game. I've never seen another game based around ads anywhere near as much as this. Shame, as it's a decent retro game, otherwise.

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