Flip Diving – the tension will increase every minute, you need to push off, both from high rocks, and from slanting platforms, trees and trampolines. It is enough to choose a diver and learn a few moves and tricks with him.

The goal is extremely simple, rationally worthy to enter the water and not die on the rocks. Physics is impressive, everything is animated, worked out to the details. Diving turned out to be dynamic and exciting, hone even your scuba diving skills. Diving can take place from a tree, a boat, and other locations, about 50 different jumps are available from the platform, and the authors are working on a continuation of the game.

Active Flip Diving VIP Codes

27u4vdxxxxx Get

- Gold x9836K, Gems x435, Coins x12397

gM87Plxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x294, Money x89526, Resources x2173K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
K0Ewdu79LsBJune 15, 2023704
Im3Hu9nGe0jbJuly 4, 2023924
UuzbMWSQfFJuly 22, 2023713
sGxlqnMwypaJuly 16, 2023375
oICWZrwsVGRJune 29, 2023662

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I've replayed this game twice now. I wish there were more locations to unlock. My only problem with the game and the reason for 3 stars is because there seems to be a bug or glitch with some of the locations. When trying to jump off certain platforms my character doesn't jump off they get thrown back up against the wall. Pleas try and fix this issue!

Its fun little time waster... Theres not a whole lot to it you jump up try to flip and such and stick a good landing. The graphics are very good as is the physics overall, its a fun game it's not gonna be at the top of your list, but it is fun to break up the mondane. I plan to keep it, give it a shot see if you can stick the perfect entry.

I mean, for a tacky looking game where all you do is dive, it's very addictive!... with WiFi off. the ads aren't in a bad place per say but with the amount of times you fail they're extremely annoying. nonetheless if you have WiFi turned off its super addicting, I swear I stared at the castle slide map blankly for about 2 hours non-stop! if there was a purchase for no ads I would buy, as they just take me out of it.

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Trick cliff dive backflips, stunts & doubles! Unparalleled real physics! End of Summer update!
- 4 New Locations: Swamp, Construction Yard, Flooded City & The Bridge!
- 2 new Tricks: Gainer Layout & Reverse
- Freeplay mode now available on two player game mode too!
- Bug fixes
- Visual system and SDK upgrades

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