Ancient bricks have stood the test of time, serving as a testament to the craftsmanship of ancient civilizations. Made from clay or stone, these bricks were intricately shaped and meticulously laid to construct magnificent structures like pyramids, temples, and fortifications. Each brick tells a story, with their unique markings and engravings providing a glimpse into the past. These bricks have witnessed the rise and fall of empires, withstanding the elements for centuries. Today, they continue to fascinate archaeologists and enthusiasts who marvel at their endurance and cultural significance.

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- 10 iron ore, 5 healing potions, 100 gold pieces, 2 emeralds, 1 diamond, 3 rubies, 1 legendary sword, 20 wooden planks.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $100, 10 diamonds, 500 resources, powerful sword, magic wand, ancient artifact.

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q804I2bu590October 2, 2023
8fLgAUFJ3a588November 5, 2023
RuanjZFw6937October 6, 2023
f1nuiSzbRN5390September 24, 2023
wTzyoD1ULl990November 15, 2023

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Great theme, graphics, music & cool power ups (that don't last very long). The power inventory rewards are so small after all that playtime which sometimes is nearly impossible to complete, especially when the player can't direct the ball in any direction with the paddle. Would be nice if power inventory and energy was purchasable. And deducting inventory power only returns have of the energy?!? . Make the game worth all the fun. This game could be spectacular

Excellent brick breaker game. Love the atmosphere & music. Collecting gold & buying upgrades is a really nice touch & addictive. Played several levels with only couple ads, so that is very good. Due to uniqueness of power ups & downs, it is a breath of fresh air, but also it's greatest weakness. None except ball multiplication as far as I can tell so far, last for more than a few seconds. Also a level ended as the last bit of gold was falling to my paddle. Small complaint, but I want it all. =)

I love the game, but it has its flaw's. The ball moves to slow to begin with and the paddle is not in sync, ex: if the ball lands on an outer corner it goes straight up when it should go in an angle. The powerups and downs really need to be longer because they are pretty much useless except in the very beginning of the game. I wish y'all would change or give us the option to change these features. Thank you

Genuinely surprised, minimal ads, don't need to buy things irl to progress, super nice graphics. The controls could be better. It ought to be a function of where your finger is, not a function of the direction your finger moves. The reason is many times if I press the screen medium-like it won't correspond—game over.

This game is a top notch twist on Arkanoid, with numerous levels to complete, the ability to upgrade your paddles and balls, leader boards for a multitude of statistics and achievements! Also gives a daily bonus stage to complete. I switched devices and had to start over. I thought the cloud save prevented that from happening?! Another issue is when playing completed levels over, when collecting a key its not credited to you.

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You can reveal the secrets of an ancient temple in this brick breaker game. Stability improvements
Reduced app size by 15%

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