Attack Hole is a thrilling new game developed by Black Hole Games. Dive into an action-packed world where you must strategically maneuver through dangerous holes to attack your enemies. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Attack Hole will keep you on the edge of your seat. Collect powerful weapons and upgrades as you progress, and unlock new levels filled with intense challenges. Can you master the art of the Attack Hole? Download now and find out!

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It is a good game. It isn't totally boring. Gives you enough to think about. The one big problem with this game that developers need to work on are the reward buttons that don't connect quickly when you try to get the added time bonus, and other features. To go longer, that green video button doesn't connect, and sometimes you lose out. Also, some of the rewards that depend on that green video button won't work at all and you lose out when it times out before the button activates.

This is the first time I'm going to ask for a refund on this platform, because I paid $2.99 to remove ads just to find out 5 minutes later you NEED to watch ads in order to progress, OR you can painstakingly play the same level over 45 times or more just to lose to the boss each time, in order to be able to afford the upgrades needed to complete the level. This game is almost exactly like what they advertise it to be other than the part where it's complete trash.

This app could be fun, but it needs a lot of work. My biggest complaint about it, though, is there are so many ads, forced prompts, pop-ups for micro transactions, that after 30 minutes on the app, I had only actually played 3 less than 30 seconds levels. The UI is slow and often unresponsive, there might be other issues, too. I'll never know because that's more ads and BS than the game is worth playing. Again 90 seconds of gameplay, 28 and a half minutes of clicking an x

This was my first experience: -I played two missions. I passed 1 and failed another. It wasn't difficult, I was just still figuring it out. Then, I had to watch an ad. Okay, cool. "I'll skip after the 5sec wait" Nope: it was actually two separate 30sec ads, that were UNSKIPPABLE. The missions get hard quick to where you have to watch ads for boosts and you end up spending a lot of time on them. Uninstalled 16m5mins after installing.

Too many ads that freeze up, you lose any couns you would have gotten because you have to reload the game. Any buy ups from free coins, bigger hole, more time , etc, disappear after each round. So starting at level 1 over and over, plus ads that kill app is why I'm deleting this app. Bummer, I do play another game with similar play, just no boss attack, and I quite enjoy it. AttackHole is disappointing.

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Move the black hole to swallow arms down the hole like an attacking hoard master - Bug fixes and improvements
- Visual improvements

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