Attack Hole – fight desperately with giant bosses in an exciting arcade game that will allow you to have fun in your free time. Develop dexterity and speed and mindfulness by controlling a small black hole. You need to collect with its help in a short period of time a lot of various ammunition: different-caliber bullets, sharp shurikens and powerful grenades. In the finale, you will meet a huge enemy on the battlefield and have time to destroy him with the collected weapons before he strikes back. Do not despair if you are defeated – you can go through any level again.

Active Attack Hole – Black Hole Games VIP Codes

3cPvXxxxxxx Get

- Gold x2968K, Gems x248, Coins x89162

nEL52zxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x253, Money x84657, Resources x5671K

Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Codes

List of Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
ZuIAgDGBpVUJune 23, 2023253
yERnCuxIJFDhJune 15, 2023552
f7983vBm6AJuly 3, 2023804
NjizKE8PWbUJune 6, 2023472
LlIMYjmiuyvJune 13, 2023830

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Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Tier List

Lots of ads, and levels repeat themselves. I paid to remove ads before I started to realize that the same levels play over and over and it's not as fun as if each level were unique or semi-randomly generated. Unfortunately, neither are the case and after playing and getting the nuke as an option, you'll start to get levels you've already played over and over again. I wish I had known this before spending money.

Would be fun, but ADS ADS ADS. For every 30 seconds of gameplay there's about a minute of ads. In order to beat the boss you HAVE TO watch the ads to get the upgrades or you'll lose. You can't turn your phone on airplane mode to avoid the ads because it won't let you play. I understand having ads on your game to make money, but I'm deleting after having it for 5 minutes, whereas just a normal amount of ads I probably would play it regularly.

You can either level up using ads, or by using coins. These levels are ONLY for a single level. However, it will randomly FORCE you to spend all of your coins to level up, even the ones you don't need. So you can't save them for when you need them. Also, for this reason, do not buy coins. They'll be gone when it forces them to be used. Even if you can get past the ads, this is something that is unacceptable. Uninstalled after 10 minutes of play.

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Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Wiki

Move the black hole to swallow arms down the hole like an attacking hoard master - Bug fixes and improvements
- Visual improvements

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