Fashion Show Blox is a virtual fashion show platform that allows users to create and showcase their own unique designs. With a variety of customizable options, users can create their own fashion line, choose models, and even design the runway. The platform also features interactive elements such as voting on designs and live chat with other users. Fashion Show Blox provides a fun and creative outlet for fashion enthusiasts to express their style and connect with others who share the same passion. Join the fashion extravaganza now and let your creativity shine!

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So it fun but there was a lot of ads this game will be good if you are a road Trip because you can play offline it's really fun I had a good time playing it

First of all, if you wanna make a rip-off version of Roblox games then at least try harder and not copy exactly everything in the other rip-off games too, like man seeing ads all the time and everything else is just bad, I do not recommend downloading and i regret wasting little bits of my time trying this out.

The game is trash cuz it's hard to control and you need to watch adds for like a lot of things and this game ads is the roblox game fashion famous like they literally just copied it 1 star

I hope that the game will remain without cheating. You are making a win in the ugliest form, and it is not always better. The number one is in an ugly form. I hope that you will work well on this game

I rated this 2/5 because 'The "Many places to explore" is not really many places to explore.😕 The only place there is the waiting room. It's not really fun... 🤔And i would like to know where to get different skin colors. Now that it is not working , this game is getting useless....

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A lovely Fashion Show Blox games for Frenzy Princess with battle mode Update items

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