Looking for a more tactical edge in WW2 Battle Front Simulator? Unlock powerful codes to gain an advantage on the battlefield. With these codes, you can access unique weapons, strategic resources, and exclusive missions to turn the tides of war in your favor. Take control of historic battles with precision and cunning, outmaneuvering your enemies and commanding your troops to victory. Immerse yourself in the intensity of World War II simulation like never before with the help of these valuable codes. Are you ready to rewrite history in your favor?

New valid WW2 Battle Front Simulator Code

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- 1. Victory pack: 100 gold, 50 ammo, 25 reinforcements. 2. Elite loot crate: 200 gold, 75 ammo, 40 reinforcements. 3. War hero bonus: 300 gold, 100 ammo, 50 reinforcements.

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- 1. Ammo Crate: +50 bullets 2. Medic Kit: +25 health 3. Grenade Pack: +2 grenades 4. Battle Boost: +10% damage and speed bonus

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WW2 Battle Front Simulator

List of WW2 Battle Front Simulator Codes

CODEExpiration Date
BO8LN0P6June 15, 2024
OPL8U4QVXJJune 14, 2024
V5E4MXZTDMay 20, 2024
KZN5UYJVC8EApril 18, 2024
30Q1WXNT6CMay 16, 2024
XNTOZ3QMApril 28, 2024
BGAVHPRK12May 16, 2024
XHGUIAKPBMay 23, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

Enter code in game menu under "Redeem Code" section. Input code to unlock rewards like weapons, vehicles, and assets in WW2 Battle Front Simulator.

WW2 Battle Front Simulator Codes Review

Very good game with several major drawbacks : 1) only simple tactics - mutual attack, 2) only one stationary unit for defense, 3) lack of any organized unit structure - no squads, platoons, companies... I think the developers of this game are well behind the game designers who gave us Close Combat series of tactical level "strategy" games. So the urgent effort on part of the developers of this game is needed. Otherwise the customer base for this good game will not grow.

Personally I love this game. The graphics are good, the gameplay is great. And I've seen the new "Pacific campaign" that will be coming, and I think that will be great as well. I highly suggest this to anyone who loves games like TABS and other money based strategy games. 1/7/20: The new updates and add ons are fun. Added more to the game. I am having issues were every time I play an game mode it doesn't give me any reward. And the tank decorations are named incorrectly.

Gold is super hard to earn. 50 for every victory is not enough when units cost 10,000 gold or more. Overall good game. It would be cool to play a civil war version of this. Update on my comment. The live network always crash and a message on the screen says there is a network error forcing me to quit the battle and ruin my score by adding a a loss to my record. My record has 4 loses that only happened because the game froze. Please fix that issue.

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