World War Machines: Conquest takes the thrill and strategy of battle to new heights. Engage in epic warfare with an array of powerful tanks, fighter jets, and artillery. Customize your units and lead them into action-packed missions across a variety of landscapes. Dominate the battlefield by strategically planning your moves, coordinating attacks, and strategically deploying your troops. Unlock new equipment and upgrade your forces to become the ultimate war machine. Prepare for an immersive and intense gaming experience in World War Machines: Conquest. Are you ready to conquer?

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World of War Machines – WW2 Tier List

The game crashes often. They have prizes for watching ads but when you try to watch it it crashes. Same thing with if you hit an enemy and want to watch an ad for dbl rewards, nope. Now after three weeks of play the game will not load anymore, just crashes before it can load the loading screen. It's just black and crashes.

I absolutely love this game, I just have one request: When venturing off base to attack enemy platoons, can there be an implementation of more control? For example, if I go to fight one platoon and pass another on the way back, have the ability to fight that one as well without having to wait for my group to make it back to base first.

Game is fun and moves at a pretty fast pace in comparison to similar games. I have issues when opening app. I just get stuck on a black screen and the app fails to initiate, So i have to close and re-open the app when this happens. There are also some video issues that make the game very choppy at times which makes gameplay a little difficult. In the Clan tab i am also unable to press the check in button. I hope there are forthcoming updates to address these issues and ill raise my rating

Love the game!!! however, Very glitchy. Game kicks me out at the worst times. The more activity on screen the worse it gets. for example. The world boss. I can hardly participate it freezes screen and kicks me out of game. Also Chat is very hard, you go into chat and it freezes. if you could fix these problems then you would have more people join. All in all. its loads of fun. need more activities for airplanes;)

This game is my favorite game of all time. It's so nice grinding and completing quests. I joined when an event was going on, so I was able to level up fast. But even if the event wasn't going on I would've still enjoyed the struggle. I've never gotten kicked out and the game has frozen on me once or twice but it was very easy to solve. This game deserves a five.

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World War II, born again on Mobile! [What’s New]
- Aircraft level transfer through level reset
- Aircraft modification Socket (Point) grade effect
- Mod Room for aircraft modification
- Auto Rally function
- 3 New Legendary Command Tanks
- Battle replay skip function
- Arena EX & World Arena EX

Check the official community for details.
- Improved QOL for Museum
- Changes to Berlin Conquest opening date and rules
- Command Tank production lineup & level adjustments
- Changes to Shelter protection standards

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