World at War: WW2 Strategy is an immersive and challenging game that allows players to experience the intensity of World War II. With detailed maps and historical accuracy, players can command armies, manage resources, and make strategic decisions to lead their nation to victory. Choose a side and engage in famous battles like D-Day, Stalingrad, and Pearl Harbor. Research new technologies, recruit legendary commanders, and unleash powerful weapons to gain the upper hand. Will you rewrite history or follow the path of the past? The fate of the world is in your hands.

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W.A.W. is an addicting,exciting and fun game for everyone 13 and over. Overall it takes a lot of time to build up your base(s), buildings, troops, resources, traing and power ratings. One of the best games I have played since Ghost Recon, Red Alert, and Command and Conquer!!! Very rarely are there glitches and more times than not they are fixed relatively fast and occasionally you get bonuses from the developers after the glitches are fixed.

Okay so maybe it's a little old fashioned, but it's such a fantastic game! There are so many different things to upgrade, and while most games of this sort only allow a tiny bit of personalization, this one provides a full out commander skill tree, and equipment and things for your commander, as well as skins for your base. Not to mention the fact that there is a huge and friendly player base, and alliances can be a huge way to get started. I haven't really been able to stop since I got it.

Recently, game has gone to a not so good menu. The help desk doesn't address problems points fingers back at players. Many times unable to log into game which causes other issues.

This is a great game for someone that has time and patience. If you don't have those two traits. It's not the game for you! Btw. The game is designed so you don't have to spend money. But, it helps if you spend a little money. Further update! I decided to step away from the game 2023/02 till now. Mates took care of things. Anyways, I'm back after a bit of a vacation from 4 bases and alot of responsibility. I'm so glad to be refreshed and ready for 4 more years.

This game is a total waste of time I recommend any other game unless you just like wasting your time building up a base for it to be destroyed due to glitches and the devs of this game claim to fix there glitches and lagging until you loose everything and then they want to claim it's not on there end when in reality they don't want to admit they can not keep up with the mechanics correctly if I could leave a zero star rating I would

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From base building to RTS gameplay, play out your warpath through World War 2. Check out the newest version of World at War and what is has in store for you:

-Discover the exciting NEW feature: Alliance Expertise!
-Dive into the Alliance Research tree and unlock temporary bonuses like the Alliance Shield or Resource Point!
-Power up and upgrade your troops with the brand-new Equipment Set
-Get an extra boost with new supplies!

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