Name Mini Basketball
Version 1.5.4
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (90893 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 15, 2023
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Mini Basketball – in a dynamic arcade game with elements of a basketball simulator, you will compete in the art of ball possession with real players from all over the world. Fans of this type of sports will appreciate exciting modes, extraordinary design of locations, high-quality animation and funny music. Manage a team of athletes and make money bets. The winner receives the entire prize pool. Raise the strength and level of units and open access to higher stakes. Get gold coins, precious crystals and cards for pumping athletes for victories.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
cYqOpJE0dSo February 1, 2023 381
dfGvkKzOh5s3 February 18, 2023 201
JkSPUN5Vfy January 22, 2023 952
tojrHsmbwOT February 6, 2023 413
OxCQJvHT3o7 January 20, 2023 302

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Mini Basketball Tier List

Very entertaining, but you play against the computer, not other players. I know this after 250+ matches because I NEVER had to wait for other players to finish their replays; I NEVER saw an opponent make a mistake like making an accidental shot from far away; and more hints that won't fit here. Also, the difficulty level varies DURING the game - against much stronger opponents, it's impossible to steal the ball unless you are losing. Individual player stats don't matter much in those cases.

There is no way i can get my shot perfectly in the green and miss as much as when the game wants me to lose. I miss perfectly timed shots yet my opponent can steal the ball easily and and just drive right to hole and dunk everytime even tho ive got three defenders right on top of them. The game is rigged to make you lose. It is a scam to try to make you spend a ton of money to get a better team just to be forced to lose over and over.

I do love the game BUT come on! It NEVER calls a foul on the other team. 50+ games without a foul called on the opposition. More free throws please!!! And when I am dunking the ball, the other team can't come from the foul line to block it. Also, the "phantom" defense can't occur when you get to higher levels especially when you are directly in front of the player and the AI won't let you block the shot. I think it would be cool having a 3 point contest to get prizes.

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Fun Basketball Game Santa is coming to town!! Get ready for the Holiday Showdown!

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