Looking for a versatile and user-friendly recipe and meal planning app? Meet Whisk, the ultimate tool for home cooks and food enthusiasts. With Whisk, you can easily discover and save delicious recipes from your favorite websites, create personalized meal plans, organize your shopping lists, and even order your groceries online. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple apps and websites – Whisk has everything you need in one convenient place. Simplify your meal planning and cooking experience with Whisk and take your culinary skills to the next level.

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Whisk: Recipes & Meal Planner

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Whisk: Recipes & Meal Planner Reviews

It's been a great meal planning app! The recipes are laid out like social media, but it auto-fills online recipes that you paste in. I love that I can compile all the ingredients together in a shopping list I can check things off of. The shopping sorts by recipe or by section which is immensely helpful! Plus, I'm able to share the my meal plan and shopping list with other users!

Why did Samsung get rid of the Whisk method of retaining the checked off shopping list that was alpha? Now it is a list you have to reveal 5 items at a time, further segmented into recent, popular, and another categories, none of which is alphabetized. Yes, I get that people order same things repeatedly, but the point is that by using Whisk, I could see everything I bought and it was alpha. I cannot say enough how much I hate the new shopping list experience. I'll do my own in excel.

Absolutely love this app. Definitely could improve but it's awesome. I've been missing out for way too long trying to plan for meals by myself. This helps with planning meals, easily finding recipes for your next meal and easily finding the recipes vs being force to read ai generated random this isn't really food recipes. I wish if it were to use Ai that it would facilitate adding recipes based on written instructions and pictures but the base is fantastic. It would also be amazing if ...

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