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Last update February 14, 2024

Maximizing your potential requires commitment, dedication, and a clear vision. It’s about pushing your limits, honing your skills, and seeking opportunities for growth. Whether it’s in the realm of personal development, professional success, or physical fitness, the pursuit of maximizing our abilities is a universal aspiration.

To achieve this, it’s important to set specific goals, stay focused, and maintain a positive mindset. Embracing challenges and learning from setbacks are crucial in the journey towards maximizing your potential. By staying motivated and persistent, you can unlock the power within you and reach new heights of achievement.

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maxim Reviews

Extremely bad. 1) Can't read any information on the map - it's all in Georgian. 2) Can't enter addresses in English, sometimes even in Georgian. 3) Markers and route you set when order are different from those that driver gets ... The app provides better rates from time to time and allows intercity travel, apart from that it's pretty much unusable, especially of you don't speak Georgian. Also, it was the same 2 years ago when I use it on our first trip. Shame. Shame. Shame. Hope you emprove.

It shows on the map that there are a lot of available riders in the area but it took me 30 mins and still no rider. I decided to cancel my order but I don't have any option, it's just edit but not able to cancel the order completely. I uninstalled the app then a rider called me saying that he accepted the order but he does not have an option to cancel it in his end and he cannot accept any other orders if not completed.

If I can 0 star, please don't put auto location "you're here" when I pin my location it goes to auto location to another city, I can't find any maxim car that could pickup my order, even they just pass me by, I waited 5 hours just to find maxim but never once they pickup... before that everyting was good, how could you change it to auto location "you're here" now I can't even use transportation in my village side, useless apps for me

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