Ultimate Arena of Fate is an epic battle game where players immerse themselves in the midst of legendary heroes and mythical creatures. Choose from a wide range of characters, each possessing unique abilities and skills. Engage in intense combat across various arenas, from ancient ruins to futuristic cities. Strategize your approach and form teams with players from around the world to conquer the ultimate challenge. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Ultimate Arena of Fate brings an exhilarating experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Prepare for the ultimate showdown!

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- 5000 gold, 20 gems, 5 diamonds, 10 rubies, 3 pieces of legendary equipment, 1000 resources, and 2000 money.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 50, 25, 10000, 10, 500, sword, potion, shield, armor.

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zHAxy0aP275October 2, 2023
ThG8ncqwIj482October 15, 2023
OTkIoNjw9174November 20, 2023
zgrCP1va59k232October 10, 2023
vYEyL8PlAz591October 28, 2023

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Ultimate Arena of Fate Tier List

Great, i love the game. One major critique for long-term users: after level 200, there should be a lot of speeding up some of the monotony. Great wall, adventure through 5 countries and jungle maze come to mind, I feel like they get really boring and feel time consuming after doing them 1000 times, a quick option to complete them would be a fantastic bonus for very high level players.

When it's playable, it's generally pretty fun, obviously lewd character design but they also have genuine storytelling. Somewhat frequent pestering about microtransactions, but it's not necessary. However, I keep getting visual freezes or black screens every few minutes that require me to restart the game, often missing a story chunk. Also, a new English translator is desperately needed, character names get misspelled and broken English abounds.

Each event is centered around spending thousands of dollars (real money). I guess China really thinks people have infinite money. IF you don't spend money your progression is so slow that is boring AF. Plus, since the release of the game 2 years ago, there have been no new low tier characters. The only single new character is behind a paywall. Basically, NO MONEY NO FUN. Also,there are 8 different "beta testing" apps that lead to this exact same game,but after some time their access will be lost

Don't even think about downloading this game !!! It's 1000% P2W !!! The drop rate of absolutely everything you need to level-up heroes or any other progress like 'Awakening potion', Gold or EXP is ridiculous! I understand that the game is P2W, but this is outrageous ! And why is the progress locked behind Power/Level check, since when I reach the required Power/Level I kill the enemies for max of 3 rounds, without almost no damage to my heroes ?

Character art was toned down. Trini was my favorite character. Her art got changed that removed all the drool from her character art, and the updated art ruined it. I'll fix this review if her art is ever reverted to it'sformer glory.

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Chosen by fate, you are the commander of the Senki Ultimate Arena of Fate

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