Stick Army: World War Strategy is a fast-paced strategy arcade game with addictive gameplay, colorful graphics and many exciting levels. Create your own army, manage it and defeat your opponents in hot battles. More than 30 types of units with special characteristics and combat skills are available to you. Your task is to quickly assess the situation and select the right types of troops for each battle. Use strategic and tactical skills, choose your units wisely and enjoy exciting battles against enemy armies.

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CodesExpiration DateTotal
7TAEZGOSVbzOctober 5, 2022248
pBhOcPD4kHzLOctober 26, 2022360
bdHwTnG26sOctober 15, 2022150
4EdYaBGK1trOctober 4, 2022704
dCK9hqiuAYlNovember 5, 2022434

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Interesting stickman game One thing that I don't like about it is that you need to watch advertisements in order to get but to get the coins required to buy / recruit new Avatars which makes it bit of a hassle because every time you complete a level you need to watch 30 seconds to a minute of advertisement in order to be it'll get enough men for the next level.

Great game I play it all the time, it's just the coins. If you don't want to watch ads, that's okay, just once you get to like level 70 and 80 it's where you have to play a lot of levels before you can recruit people. Although, me personally I'm okay with watching ads, because it helps me be productive at the same time of playing a fun game.

Great game but no instructions about when merges and upgrades can be made. Nothing about what the stats mean for the characters. Nothing about when spaces open on the field or what is required so basically you play this game with no clue what anything means. Fun game but without VITAL GAME INFORMATION and searched all over for even a game wiki page and nothing. Would have been 5 stars if info and instructions were available to the player. Really need this info and I will then raise rating to 5.

I really thought it was a good game because of the ad. But once I played it, it is bland, boring and the graphics too. Also it is unrealistic. How a person with a wooden stick beat a person with a rifle? It doesn't make sense, even a person with a katana cannot beat a person with a gun. Mobile ads today are like made from 5 year olds and your ad? Totally different from the actual gameplay.

Too many ads and they are too long. Even if you dont want the reward it plays an a farkin long repetative ad.

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- new maps
- fix bugs

NameStick Army: World War Strategy
Rating4.3 (2844 ratings)
Update1 October, 2022
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