Train taxis offer a convenient and efficient way to travel by combining the speed of a train with the flexibility of a taxi. These innovative services operate on established rail networks, allowing passengers to book a ride from their nearest train station to their final destination. With frequent departures and timely arrivals, train taxis eliminate the hassle of waiting for buses or navigating through traffic. This eco-friendly mode of transportation also promotes sustainability by reducing the number of private vehicles on the road. Experience the future of urban mobility with train taxis.

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This app so fun! I love the satisfying pop of collecting passengers, and the vibration of my phone! The only thing I do wish for is it becomes more challenging. It's a really fun game, and it's really addicting, but Ivonly wish for it to be more challenging. I hardly ever crash. Maybe certain trains do things like speed up, or old looking trains slow down. Immersive passengers would be cool, too! Just keep up the great work, and I hope you take my review into consideration :)

It's a really fun game, somewhat repetitive, but relaxing to play. Unfortunately, the latest update loads and the screen goes black until I touch or swipe it. The very worst thing about this game is the barrage of ads. I finally broke and paid for ad-removal when it offered me a "deal" of $1.99 (6 weeks ago). BUT since the update, ALL the ads are back!!! Ridiculous. I'll give it a bit to be fixed, but otherwise it will be gone for good.

I played about 10 levela. Was fun but never felt like it would be challenging enough to keep playing. It is a decent time killer if you like completing levels more than a feeling of getting more challenging. Note to Developer: Didnt like that it asked for a rating after I played two levels. I did come back and change my rating once I had time to really get a feel for the game.

good but too many ads. I get it, I have the free version, which means there are ads so the people that made it can still get paid, but theres still too many. When it asks if you want to watch an ad for a bonus, you say no, and one plays anyway.... also, theres ads when you start a level that block part of the track, meaning you cant strategize.

Too many ads, they pop up EVERY level, they can be understandable here and there for revinue as the game is free. But when you already have bonus rewards for ads 8 ads in as many levels is just too much. And while the game has potential in it's mechanics as a puzzle game, it has a fatal flaw in the lack of a move limit in its mechanics. Too easy to play, no challenge. Probably a fun toilet game but the over surplus of ads even gets in the way of that.

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