Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player is an exciting game that allows you to race against your friends in an adrenaline-pumping train race. Choose from a variety of realistic and detailed train models, and select your preferred track to compete on. Feel the thrill as you accelerate down the tracks, mastering sharp turns and avoiding obstacles to reach the finish line first. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player guarantees hours of fun and competition for train enthusiasts of all ages. Get ready to hop on the tracks and show off your racing skills!

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- 1000 gold, 5 diamonds, 3 rubies, 2 pieces of equipment, 2000 money, 10 resources, 50 gems, and 4 items.

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- 50 gold, 25 gems, $1000, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, 5 equipment, 15 items.

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NpTs1ldw345October 7, 2023
2ZKeSqx7wN615October 2, 2023
xHFJwGLQo592November 14, 2023
vG4irbBY16s264October 28, 2023
Ewu8Gg7c6S624November 15, 2023

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Opened the game for the first time, greeted by an ad. Completed the tutorial, greeted by an ad. That being said, the gameplay was not completely terrible. It was average at best. I don't understand the reasoning behind deducting 50 coins for the road crossing since the signals were green, but oh well. Still somewhat playable.

There are too early stops when there are trains passing by. Unable to reduce 150 kmph speed to stop the train when signal is red. There can be a hint show to driver before the signal comes. Difficult to stop train at a great speed. Apart from that, graphics are terrific, controls are smooth. Game is addictive, interesting. Thank you.

my experience was good at all .the children would like it because red light to stop and the green light to start and go .the children want to study all the things because when they going in bike or car or any else's they want to do the right thing ,that you shows in this game. it is very interesting.train racing game . so, this is my experience. thank you to all

please keep the controls as like realistic no train has side move automatic track connections will be available for that signal other wise the track will changes that could be a chance but you people kept complete side movement control please change that and every thing is realistic graphics but also please provide camera views appropriately and don't make it default view when long distance travelling

In Racing Games 3D Features: 1. Realistic simulator experience with multiplayer 2. Use cameras and simple controls to improve your driving. 4. Stunning rail sound effects. 5. Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailed environment 5. Challenging railway tracks 6. Challenge & Share with your friends!

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Train Racing Games 3D is 2 Player game with real time multiplayer racing action - -Improved Game Play More!!
-- Thanks for the support!!

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