Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps is a compact and powerful kitchen tool that revolutionizes the way you cook.
With precise temperature control and powerful water circulation, Joule ensures perfectly cooked meals every time.
Its compact size and magnetic base allow for easy storage and use in any pot or container.
The Joule app provides a comprehensive library of recipes and guides, making sous vide cooking a breeze.
Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps is a game-changer in the kitchen.

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This app is garbage, and is the one factor that makes me wary of recommending a joule sous vide to friends and family. It has terrible connectivity issues, and no matter what I try, I can't get it to connect to WiFi (no other devices or apps have this issue in my home), so I have to be within Bluetooth range to check the temp, how long the cook has been going, etc. The interface also puts preset recommendations ahead of the basic interface to set temp and time, which was annoying at first.

If you're reading this it's probably too late but put it back in the box and return it. Bought with the intention of having dinner done by the time I get home from work, so far that's worked 2 times out of almost 2 dozen attempts. Constant connection issues with no manual buttons means you won't be cooking unless the joule feels like working. Totally garbage app and overhyped product.

Great hardware meets amateur software. This is one of the most unreliable hardware interaction apps I have used. It works as expected about 30% of the time. The other times you have to restart it, reinstall it, toggle wifi, move the phone right next to the device, rinse and repeat. I have written networking apps before, it should not be this hard in 2020. When it works its, decent, when it doesn't work, and you are in the middle of complicated food prep, you want to throw it out the window.

Really cool app and device, with some kinks to work out. The recipes are easy to follow and it's straightforward to set it manually. I have a captive portal at home, so WiFi isn't easy to connect to & it's always been choppy when I didn't have this problem. The latest update seems to keep feeding me unnecessary updates I have to cancel out of repeatedly as well. I thoroughly enjoy it, but being app-dependent can get in the way sometimes.

I have had my device for a year. I use an Android phone to control unit. Everything had been working over WIFI previously. App update made my device only usable in Bluetooth. It has no means to troubleshoot the network interface. Because the app is the ONLY way to interact with the unit I feel I have been let down by the company. You would think they would test an app on all systems before release.

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Joule is the smallest, most powerful sous vide tool on the market. Notice we’ve gone a little gray (our icon, that is)? We got tired of driving into town to get our color done and are embracing our silver fox status. But not to worry, we’re just laying low and getting ready for the big move over to our new app. We can’t wait to show you around the place. Stay tuned for more.

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