In the intense game of Scary Monster Survival Battle, the players are thrust into a spine-chilling world where terrifying monsters lurk at every turn. Armed with their wits and a variety of powerful weapons, the players must navigate through dark and foreboding environments, fighting off hordes of creatures that thirst for their blood. The objective is simple – survive. But with the monsters growing stronger and more cunning with each passing level, it’s a battle of wills and relentless determination. Only the bravest souls will emerge victorious and conquer the Scary Monster Survival Battle.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
7UCJzIEM220December 2, 2023
2OWhCTUHlb271December 23, 2023
WKvLeZ2G9450December 17, 2023
PlBYeXR8zGn818December 29, 2023
Xt6YvSAWhi425December 1, 2023

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Too many commercials. Even if u pick the choice that doesn't have the ad icon u still get a commercial n it doesn't matter that u can skip the commercials after a few seconds. U really can't enjoy the game n it's a good game to

For the first 30 seconds I was really excited about the style of this game; it's fun, edgy, and active! But then the repeated forced ads began and ruined it immediately.

if you like watching ads every 10-15seconds this game is for you.. this game shoving ads on everything.. 60% of clicks you made will result to showing you ads.. even if u chose the 2 out 3 skill choices that doesn't require ads it will still show u ads .. this game give me trauma on ads.. im uninstalling this game now not because this game is bad.. its quite good actually but because this game gives me PTSD on ads..

Less than 10 sec in game and an ad pops up. Could deal with some ads but heck way too quick. Delete

Okay it's a good game but there's a couple glitches and one of them I found out is that if you're standing next to a corner and you're upgraded and then you choose to get a teammate your teammate will just spawn outside of the map not doing anything and then if I watch an ad to revive myself it just turns me into the one that's outside the map so I can't do anything even though it's a good game

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Scary monsters are coming! Kill’em all to be the last survivor in the battle - Upgrade more power for the character.
- Minor bugs fixed.

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