Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory is a thrilling mobile game that immerses players in the turbulent era of ancient China. As a powerful warlord, players must strategize and conquer territories, forge alliances, and build a formidable army. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory offers a realistic and immersive experience. Form alliances with other players, participate in epic battles, and challenge legendary heroes. Can you unite the land and become the ultimate ruler? Download Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory now and embark on an epic journey!

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- 50 gold, 3 rubies, 2 equipment, 1000 gems, 5 diamonds, 2000 money, 1 resource, 10 items, 20 gold, 4 equipment.

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- 1000 gold, 200 gems, $50, 50 diamonds, 500 resources, powerful sword, rare armor, healing potion, strategic book, mystical amulet, ancient artifact.

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OdDsXzAk315October 14, 2023
lAuFis8ZpS924November 6, 2023
XRB5F1v3e937November 17, 2023
r1yXjhBb3EF743November 13, 2023
GfSrNymYQk317November 8, 2023

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Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory Tier List

I'm having major difficulties with playing the game. I'm on the ninth city to conquer and the second hero is not possible to tap on. It's appearing off the tapping zone.

The US servers is now a toxic waste land, veteran players are harassing weaker players and support won't do anything. If you are new to this game, turn away now before investing too much time in it. Update: the situation has worsen and more players are being pushed out of more actives repeatedly in the same day. Support hasn't done anything helpful as of yet despite receiving multiple reports.

Edit: Game has updates and makes it unplayable. The game will FORGET your login information and you will be unable to log in. Devs say that "no data is lost" yet they cannot email you or reply to your request. Forgot password option DOES NOT WORK. Devs do not respond to your requests and game randomly forgets your login information and says you don't have an account. Game is heavy pay to win. Never seen a game not be able to run like this. Wild that their login doesn't even work.

Game is not new-player-friendly. The gameplay is mediocre, graphic isn't impressive. The hardest thing to swallow is the reliance on Tier12 heroes to be good/competitive and those things rarely come for free. Even worse, you need thousands of those hero shards to fully upgrade them, otherwise they are worse then tier10 heroes which can be found much easier. Spend money to win, because the hours you invest wont bring you the same top tier heroes/benefits.

Great game very complicated though. Still excitingly learning how to play this game. Seems to have many different kinds of magic and weaponry. Characters relatively easy to use. Love the female warriors. All In all I do like this game. Play it everyday.

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Epic strategy game with the whole new MMO Empire-Building experience 1、玲瓏寶鑑:玩家等級到達92級即可開啟,升級玲瓏寶鑑可提升玩家全武將及子嗣屬性,同時能激活神兵為子嗣提供大量全屬性加成。

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