“Modern Commando Strike Mission” is an action-packed shooter game that puts players in the shoes of a highly skilled commando. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, the game offers an adrenaline-pumping experience as players navigate through challenging missions against enemy forces. Armed with a wide range of modern weapons and equipment, players must strategize, plan their attacks, and execute precise strikes to accomplish their objectives. The game also allows players to form teams and engage in intense multiplayer battles, further raising the stakes and excitement. Are you ready for the ultimate commando mission?

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like the game, the dessert version and similar games from you. first PLEASE fix the angle of the M4 Assault Rifle, when you aim it the angle is wrong and you have to aim off to the left side of the front sight post, really disappointed since all other guns are much closer to center. Also the CQ 16 is shown as having some sort of red dot, holographic, or scope in the purchase menu, but once bought and played with, there are only the iron sights that block your vision more than help it. PLEASE FIX!

Very nice game. But I hate time related games. Same scenes and same music is repeated. No any special mission like diffuse bomb, find docs, hack server...etc. Only killing is boring process. At least scenes must be changed. Some times its hard to find enemy on upper floor. You must give the enemy in mountain or any other place in desert...etc. Sometimes we see the enemy but can not shoot. Hard to find in buildings. Very short game.

The game is very nice. But game music and game scenes are same to all levels. You must add specific purpose like pick up the documents, diffuse the bomb etc. There must be change in scene places for that you must show helucopter to go anotger region at the end of previous level. It would be the best effects for game. Please make the proper changes. I will give give then all stars for your great work.

Ok Don't get me wrong. but this game is Pretty good! i would've gave 4/5 stars if it were not for the HEAVY ADVERTISING i click the settings button AD i go to the main menu AD i want to try out the zombie mode AD there are Ads EVERYWHERE the developers did an ok job on the game BUT THERE ARE ADS EVERYWHERE

ok ive never been to bugged anout ads on any games i have ever played. they always seem to put them in the right place... with that being said, this game is beyond ridiculous!!! before i even got into one campaign mode i had to watch 7 ads in rout to the actual game play... i pushed pause to see if i coupd change my control setting and low and beyhold another ad played... so they are forcing u to watch ads during actual game play if u pause. dont download game. they are wasting ur time on ads

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