The Last Door: Season 2 is a thrilling episodic point-and-click adventure game that will keep players on the edge of their seat. This atmospheric horror game takes you on a journey through dark and eerie locations, unraveling a mysterious and suspenseful story. With stunning pixel art graphics and haunting sound design, The Last Door: Season 2 creates a captivating and immersive experience. Get ready to face your fears and uncover the secrets that lie behind the last door. Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

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I was excited to play this game. I played the 1st chapter of season 2 just fine then it wanted me to unlock the rest of the chapters for season 2. I did that and it wouldn't let me play chapter 2. I tried to email the developers but the email kept shutting down. Edit: The game is now working! I love the chapters being a little more exciting. It seems like the is more to do. I am almost done and would love a Season 3!

Hands down one of my Top Ten Faves in the point and click genre! The storyline is masterful, and the music is top notch! Have to say i think i preferred the game controls of the first season a tiny bit better, they are much the same, just subtle tweaks that i don't feel were needed. Definitely worth the small cost to play the 3 other episodes! Why are you still reading reviews? Download already!

Brings back the glory days of 90's point and click adventure. Story is immersive, locations are great to explore. I appreciate the retro graphics, although they could do with being slightly more detailed and less pixilated. My only real gripe is that on android it can be difficult to accurately select some small objects amongst others. Not a deal breaker tho. Great game.

Paid for the game and enjoy it immensely. However, in chapter 2 there is a bug - I cannot attach the lever to the machine in the attic. (Checked online walkthrough and bug in my app confirmed.) Reinstalled game to see if it would fix the bug and ran into the same issue. Unable to continue chapter 2 and do not want to skip ahead to chapter 3.

Ran into a bug at episode 2 (the lever that would place). This caused me to be unable to move further into the game. I checked walktroughs and i'm doing it right, it's a bug. So it's like i trew my money away, spending it on a game which i can no longer play. Love the series, but absolutely don't recommend buying the extra chapters.

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