The King of Fighters ARENA is an action-packed mobile game that takes the popular fighting game franchise to a whole new level. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, players can assemble their dream team of fighters from the KOF series and engage in intense battles against other players in real-time arenas. The game offers a wide range of characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and special moves. With regular updates and events, The King of Fighters ARENA keeps the excitement alive, providing a thrilling experience for both die-hard fans and new players alike.

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- 3,000 gold, 20 diamonds, 50 energy for winning arena battles.

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- 1. 500 Ruby + 2000 Gold + 5 Rare Fighters + 3 Equipments

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The King of Fighters ARENA

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CODEExpiration Date
OFMSB1PJFebruary 25, 2024
4T7M9NCEGVMarch 2, 2024
VDNH9QTS5April 7, 2024
8XHMBZVTP3RApril 13, 2024
8GUSQ3NX9ZApril 9, 2024
0Q5F4OGMFebruary 26, 2024
3YZ8P1Q4KIFebruary 18, 2024
XSKLD92B7March 13, 2024

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The King of Fighters ARENA Review

The controls do not match what was known and loved. It does not have the traditional movement control that many players from the start of the franchise are used to and know of. I do understand the effort to bring change, but when it comes to fighting games, when you make things too automatic.... there will be fewer skill sets involved. I can speak for the many. Please rework the controls... you are better off in the long run.

Horrible. This game doesn't come down to skill. No, instead it comes down to who trap who in corner first and mash buttons. Which aren't always super responsive and then there the once in a while lag .my wifi strength is strong I snapshot it. Not only that . But the fighter upgrade system is bizarre at best , horrible at worst. Mastery to boost lv shards to boost stats . Sorry uninstalling for now . But on the other end the graphics are amazing

They don't mention this is a Blockchain/NFT game anywhere on the store page. The gameplay is alright, nothing special, but the issue is that in order to keep playing you'll need to level up your characters. The thing is progression was made IMPOSSIBLY slow on purpose, because you can buy an NFT that will mine materials for you. According to the game they have only sold 44 NFTs at the time of writing this. I hope destroying all semblance of fun and balance for that was worth it.

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