Sword Master Story Codes [2024 February]

Last update February 14, 2024

“Sword Master Story” is an exciting action RPG game that takes players on an epic journey through a fantasy world filled with powerful enemies and challenges. As a sword master, players will engage in fast-paced battles, utilizing a variety of skills and techniques to defeat their foes. With stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, “Sword Master Story” offers an engaging experience for fans of the genre. As players progress, they will uncover a rich storyline and encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and motivations. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure in “Sword Master Story.”

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- 1. Legendary Sword - 100 gold 2. Magic Amulet - 50 gems 3. Master Level Scroll - 200 experience points

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- Sure! Here's a short 10-word reward you could use for Sword Master Story:"Claim 100 rubies, 50 keys, 5 potions, and 2 scrolls!"

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Sword Master Story

List of Sword Master Story Codes

CODEExpiration Date
EINRWTYPMarch 9, 2024
L3B462O7HYApril 8, 2024
B8HSRF3NOMarch 3, 2024
XSNTIE6KRLAApril 8, 2024
AQIKUMLSV6March 12, 2024
QHUXYVKAFebruary 24, 2024
2H7CFOQ9L4March 24, 2024
9F3SNRU0EFebruary 20, 2024

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Sword Master Story Review

Quick side scroller that gets right into the action an tutorial isn't very long. Played for over 2wks an the game needs a few additions. Animate every 5 star characters portrait,allow us to see all of the portraits and animations of the Units we have or have fought in some sort of gallery including the Win,Lose,and Running animations. Besides those artwork changes the app is GREAT

It's a fun game for a while. It pretty much plays itself and you'll get a bunch of free stuff early on, but after a period of time, you'll stop receiving new stuff, you'll hit a wall in your adventure, and you'll have to farm by letting the game play itself for many hours, so you can slightly progress... Provided you didn't run out of daily attempts. Then it's a slow crawl to slightly enhance a character, unless you throw a bunch of money at it. At this point the game feels like a chore.

The music is nice, the character design is stellar. However there isn't much to do on the human end of the spectrum. This game is an auto battler type of game where you can tap the screen to activate skills. The auto function in the game can even execute these skills without your input, thus letting you watch the game play itself. I'm not into that personally. Also the sound effects are so loud, you can't enjoy the voice acting. The game could use more voice acting for the cutscenes in battle.

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