“Stickman The Flash” is an addictive online game that combines stick figure animation and superhero action. In this thrilling game, players take control of a stickman with incredible speed and agility, allowing them to obliterate enemies and overcome obstacles with lightning-fast reflexes. With its smooth animation and challenging levels, Stickman The Flash keeps players engaged and entertained as they navigate through various environments and defeat powerful bosses. Prepare to unleash your inner superhero as you embark on an epic adventure in Stickman The Flash!

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This game is near perfect, it's unique combat and ideas make it addicting and really fun to play, and the issue with most games is the ads, but I don't see any of that here surprisingly. However, I do find keeping your current weapon hard. When you defeat a mini boss they'll drop a new weapon, but the problem is, is that you equip it when you touch it. Maybe make it so that double tapping the weapon would work, and give visual feedback to let the player know when they pick up a new weapon.

It's a nice game but I think it would be really nice to have a sandbox mode. You have to unlock the units as you play but it could be good practice for those units that come rarely like the blade. This mitigates the issue of having to keep playing a stage over and over again just to get some practice on a particular boss setup (probably a hot take). Also just for fun.

It's a really good game almost no ads the challenges help a lot if you need weapons, armor, etc. The game itself is really fun and isn't aggravating. It has to be one of my favorite mobile games. But there are a few things wrong, 1. When you defeat a boss and you have a weapon that you don't wanna switch, it will still sometimes automatically pick the other weapon up. 2. When you do wanna switch a weapon, sometimes there isn't enough time to pick it up.

Pretty fun, a lot better than what I was expecting. Puts most modern mobile games to shame. Adds aren't bad at all. Easy controls. Sometimes I don't tap far enough away from an enemy when I want to dodge and I get hit, but that's at least 50% my fault. Probably 80% though if we're being realistic. Anyways, super fun, and tons of things to unlock.

This is a really awesome game, and I have a few ideas for making the gameplay a bit better. I've noticed that your weapon doesn't charge up the special attack when you hit something, it charges up when you attack. This can be a bit unfair because I could defeat two stickpeople with one attack but I would only get 1 charge from it. I suggest you change it to make the weapons charge up when you hit a stickman, not when you attack one, because you might miss but get the charge anyway.

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Beat the enemies with a stickman of the super power! A GDPR consent popup window has been added in the European region.
The game engine has been upgraded.
Minor bugs have been fixed.

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