Name Warship Battle Commander
Version 1.1.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (11494 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 14, 2023
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Ship Battle Commander is an exciting strategy in the genre of naval combat beloved by many. Feel yourself in the role of the commander of the navy leading the sea battle. Arrange your ships on the playing field and enjoy the dynamic gameplay. Use your strategic and tactical skills to hit targets successfully. Destroy enemy ships and win victories. Challenge players in an exciting multiplayer mode and fight for the right to take first place on the leaderboard. The game pleases with exciting gameplay, a large number of maps and nice minimalistic graphics.

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u5RkjwaCcXm February 21, 2023 132
c3nTv2sCGXbh February 10, 2023 588
LqQFBV2ZRI March 14, 2023 495
uxZ6QGSOUPm February 27, 2023 217
Rqda7MHL2sS March 14, 2023 262

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Memory game...didn't go further than 2 rounds.

I like this game the only thing however is when it's your turn it should tell you that just like in real life of the game but hopefully that the developer of the game will include that in the future it should also allow you to us way more battleships too instead of Just a few of them and the board should be a lot bigger so you could zoom in on your ships and zoom out to. Just wanted to point that out to the person or persons who made this game!. Other than that it's alright but should give you more in options in game like I have stated here!. 👌

Fantastic Game to play with your children as an adult. All together as one but sneaky to fight against each other. trust your intuition to place bombs. Nice controls and depth of graphics are just as great. Sharpened as years ago as a youngster. still good to engage with kids and be as an family together. Great for time and bonding.

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Warship Battle Commander is a tactical board game based on naval combat.

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