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Last update February 13, 2024

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Lime, a versatile citrus fruit, is well-loved for its zesty flavor and refreshing aroma. It is commonly used in cooking to add a tangy twist to numerous dishes, including salads, drinks, and desserts. Beyond its culinary uses, lime is also prized for its health benefits, as it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition to its nutritional value, lime is a popular ingredient in natural household cleaners and beauty products. Whether as a flavor enhancer, a health booster, or a cleaning agent, lime is truly a versatile and essential fruit.

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- 1. Free Lime Cilantro Margarita 2. 20% off Lime-Infused Body Lotion 3. Buy One Get One Free Lime Sorbet 4. $5 off Lime-scented Candle 5. Free Lime-infused Hand Soap

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- 1. Free lime margarita 2. 20% off lime-scented candles 3. Buy one get one free limeade

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First ride - you have to go through a driving quiz. I think it's easy but hope.others have as much common sense so I'm grateful they do it! I almost fell off while trying to stop going downhill and dismounting. But I survived without falling. It's no joke to ride these and does require a caution with traffic and skill - especially since I did it at night. Grateful for the lights and bell on it. I got to my destination quickly and with ease. I'm 260 lbs and easily balanced it!

they need to figure out a good subscription model for people who just want to keep using these things all the time. they charge a bit for short hops across the urban environment. mainly downtown. but some of us like to use these things for actually cutting down real commutes and traveling long distance on the edges of the city. battery life needs to be extended and some batteries fail and die regardless if somebody is running the motor or not. hoarding scooters is questionable

While I used the scooters, I loved it. I never really encountered the issues others have mentioned. To be fair, I left Boise right as they were making mandatory parking spots a thing. I was grateful I'd no longer be using them once that happened. My issue at the moment is I forgot to cancel my free month trial and was charged for another month. That's my fault and I'll take the loss. However, I went to go cancel the subscription and the app won't open. Basically im paying for a broken app.

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