RPG Elemental Knights R is an immersive multiplayer online role-playing game set in a mystical world where players can embark on epic quests, battle fierce monsters, and engage in intense PvP battles. With its beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay mechanics, players can customize their characters, wield powerful elemental magic, and explore vast, enchanting landscapes filled with secrets and treasures. The game offers a deep and engaging storyline, along with social features like guilds and multiplayer dungeons, providing endless hours of adventure and excitement for fans of the MMO genre. Join the epic adventure in Elemental Knights R and become a legendary hero in this captivating fantasy world.

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- 1. 50 diamonds, 20,000 gold, and 5 rare potions awaits you! 2. Find 100 rubies, 30,000 silver, and 10 enchanted scrolls! 3. Discover 75 emeralds, 25,000 bronze, and 8 ancient relics!

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- 1. +50 Gold, +30 Health Potion, +20 Mana Elixir, +10 Elite Key

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RPG Elemental Knights R (MMO)

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9U5W2YD6March 9, 2024
DO8LRNTJ34February 18, 2024
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XCT9UMQFO3April 11, 2024
0FGT8DZ7February 19, 2024
R4LBNG5Z8SApril 1, 2024
8AUVFSRTCMarch 19, 2024

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RPG Elemental Knights R (MMO) Review

Been playing on and off again since 2011. The game has improved a lot since the good ol days. The R system makes it truly feel like a RPG now by allowing you to customize your character stats and skills to your liking. Some content (cosplay equips) isn't f2p but you can still play the core game without spending a single $$. They also make it possible to get prem cosplay items through gems by doing daily quest. The translation on quest and items is slow but it's getting better with age. 10/10

I have been playing this game for 5 years, I have seen it go through some big changes. May I say the graphic have definitely gotten better, the game keeps you busy with many quest and events. Unfortunately it is not as fun to play without the large fan base it use to have. It could use some fixes on the translation, or explanation for certain things. One problem I have currently is the random glitches, like not being able to teleport or being sent back to a certain spot.

The game is lacking alot. Like when you start the game because I am a returning player from almost 8 years ago. That when I came back I thought they would added a skin option but know they did not but only added a jumping option. and when you get deep in the game the English Language begins to go away so you can barely understand whats going on anymore. Then the account settings why must used ID number when barely remember and can't used email to find it back y'all need to increase your system.

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