Rival Regions: World Strategy is an immersive strategy game that allows players to become leaders of their own countries and shape the geopolitical landscape. With over 2 million players worldwide, the game offers a competitive multiplayer experience where alliances are formed, battles are fought, and political decisions have real consequences. From managing resources and economy to engaging in diplomatic negotiations, Rival Regions challenges players to think strategically and make calculated moves to outwit their rivals. Whether it’s conquering territories or engaging in trade, Rival Regions provides a thrilling world of global politics and strategy.

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VWJatbs2HC144January 17, 2024

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Very complex and I definitely like the game after installing 20 minutes ago. Just a couple suggestions and one complaint. 1st I wish there was an offline mode of this game where you can create your own simulations and such. Complete personalization. Second I think their should be a bigger tutorial, it's alot to take in and it kinda just throws you into the game. And also i created a party and every time I select a Picture for it it just goes back to the main screen of the game. Quite annoying.

Alot of function and options aren't available in app unlike website. It's a good game slow paced though, started replaying after 6 years.

Cool concept, but I can't play the game. The tutorial screen has no option to close it and the back button only closes it for a few seconds before it reopens. I think this would be a cool game I would play often if I could. Please fix this bug and I will change my review.

I'm really liking the game so far, but i have a suggestion. The online map is very cool with other players, but i think a seperate offline mode would be very interesting. Where you could have your own private map, but still control one country while the others are controlled by cpu.

This game is impossible to play. The login screen refuses to connect for multiple account types. Once inside, the welcome screen is impassable, as there's no navigation for it, and no gesture or tap will remove it. Back only removes it temporarily moves it, and once the home screen attempts to load, it pulls the welcome screen up again.

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The civilization of dictators, wars, and democracy. Great political game Minor bug/crashes were fixed

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