Control your Fire TV and FireStick with ease using this remote. Effortlessly navigate through your favorite streaming apps, launch videos, and adjust the volume without getting off the couch. The ergonomic design and responsive buttons make it comfortable to use for extended periods. Its compact size and lightweight build allow for convenient handling and storage. The intuitive layout offers quick access to all the essential functions, enhancing your viewing experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually operating your Fire TV and FireStick and embrace the convenience of this dedicated remote.

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Remote for Fire TV & FireStick

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Remote for Fire TV & FireStick Reviews

Works really well. Has a keyboard option so you can type from your phone. There's also quick apps where you can press the app from the remote and it'll open on your TV. only two down sides are making account is difficult and although the app is free the subscription is like $10. And there's no option for voice control.

Trust me on this: just get a Roku. The app is pretty much unusable and riddled with ads. The channel selection is clunky, unintuitive, confusing to navigate, and filled with ads. It takes almost ten steps to open Netflix, which is deliberate because ads. Roku is MUCH faster and simpler to navigate, and also, no ads that make the app all but unusable. I will not be wasting my money on a Fire TV again, and a good chunk of it is the remote app.

Difficult to set up if your current remote doesn't work. App doesn't automatically connect to the firestick when you launch the app (even after you pair it the first time)First, there's a full-screen pop-up and then the screen for the remote, but you press a button (on the remote) and then the app switches to the "connect" screen, and after it connects, you can finally use the remote. If you pause a show for too long and your TV goes to "sleep" mode, you hafta start all this from the beginning.

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