Looking to enhance your Fire TV or FireStick experience? Look no further than a remote specifically designed for these devices. With the right remote, you can easily navigate through menus, control your TV’s volume, and access all your favorite streaming apps with just a few clicks. Plus, with the convenience of a coupon, you can save money on your purchase. Upgrade your streaming setup today and enjoy a more seamless and enjoyable viewing experience with a remote for Fire TV and FireStick.

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Remote for Fire TV & FireStick

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How to redeem Remote for Fire TV & FireStick codes?

To redeem coupon for Remote for Fire TV & FireStick, select the item, proceed to checkout, apply the coupon code in the designated field, and complete the purchase.

Remote for Fire TV & FireStick Coupon Reviews

Way too many ads. I understand ads give the app money, which allows it to stay free, but it took me 5 minutes to type a 6 letter name because every few taps triggered an ad. When pressing the button in the app to open the device's keyboard to type it quicker, a pop-up saying I have to pay the app for the feature occurred. I've had the app for maybe 10 minutes and am currently uninstalling.

Remote stopped working and used app until got it replaced. For the free option, every 10th click, an add pops up. Horrible experience when trying to manually input letters to watch something. To use more features, you have to pay to use now. What happened to this app? The adds should at least be timed when using or in the beginning, not while in the middle of using every 10th click. This app is very disappointing.

Edit: Iritating and money grubby. It looks like I now have more clicks until I hit an ad. Like I can manage to open Disney plus and scroll a few times. The app itself actually works really well and the added features sound cool. Just downgraded my rating again, free version can't FF RW NOW, SO LAME. Making this app a subscription is stupid. This is Amazon we are talking about here, they can aford you. The actual remote is 11$ and you are charging 25$, which is the cost of a whole new device.

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