Rise of the Roman Empire is a magnificent colorful strategy that will allow you to return to the distant past and test your strength as the ruler of the Roman Empire. Its history spans more than 16 centuries and now you are given a chance to try to build a great state yourself. Go as a viceroy of the emperor to one of the barbarian countries and create a Roman outpost. Solve complex issues of development and expansion of the territory entrusted to your care, improve the economy and infrastructure, establish ties with neighboring countries and severely punish those who dare to oppose you. Expand your borders, protect the settlers who believe in you and stand guard over the interests of the great empire.

Active Rise of the Roman Empire VIP Codes

WVX1Syxxxxx Get

- Gold x6583K, Gems x872, Coins x48637

xULcNExxxxx Get

- Diamonds x182, Money x62748, Resources x4258K

Rise of the Roman Empire Codes

List of Rise of the Roman Empire Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
0wXhrfBnvoVJune 21, 2023889
nw7cimC4BNPzJune 20, 2023708
DMWn0UfeiZJuly 18, 2023608
xFqCArKuQXIJune 24, 2023778
KvCEH6MLAf0June 14, 2023319

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Rise of the Roman Empire Tier List

Starts out ok, graphics are nice. Area given to start is a bit too small, so you have to know what you are doing from the start and those plus of land just get more and more expensive! By the time you get going a bit, it costs so much to research expansion and then you have to pay just to use the things you just spent so much time and resources researching! It is a great idea destroyed by the idea that you can only go so far without spending real money (and LOTS) to really continue. To bad!

This a well done game. Very detailed and the graphics are beautiful. I am familiar with some of the earlier games this group has done; beautiful graphics on them also. Unfortunately my eyesight is problematic and I just can't see as well as I used to, especially on a phone screen rather than a PC or laptop. So although I'm uninstalling, I DO encourage you to check it out.

the game is fun, but the great advantage of the game was the ability to play without wifi ... now there is no such option ... a big minus... wow and I see even more discouraging "fixes" to continue playing. There are a lot of them, so instead of listing them, I'll say this: Christmas is coming, please return version 2.8.1. throw the new one (2.9) into a deep bin!!!

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Rise of the Roman Empire Wiki

Rise of Empire. Build an Empire! Grow Empire! Cultures rising. City building. Thank you very much for playing our game!
This technical update was designed to fix bugs and improve game performance.

In this update:
- Game stability has been improved

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