In Random Space: Survival, you embark on a thrilling intergalactic adventure. Set in the distant future, you find yourself stranded on an unknown planet, lightyears away from civilization. As you battle inhospitable environments and dangerous extraterrestrial creatures, your survival skills are put to the test. Utilize your resources wisely to craft weapons, build shelters, and discover the secrets of this peculiar world. But be warned, danger lurks at every corner, and your decisions will determine your fate. Can you conquer the challenges of Random Space and make it out alive?

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- 10 resources, 5 items, 100 gold, 20 gems, $50, 2 diamonds, 3 rubies, 1 armor, 1 weapon for Random Space: Survival.

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- 500 gold, 50 gems, $1000, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful equipment, rare items, 1000 gold, 100 gems, $500, 5 diamonds, 100 resources, useful equipment, common items.

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OFCirx6P537October 20, 2023
TG6MVpB0wq302November 20, 2023
yzQnaMRv3440November 4, 2023
DfTBuoeUqn9482October 13, 2023
jqLh4a3XMe542October 12, 2023

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Overall, a good game, simple, basic, and overall a simple and good game, I find the visuals enjoying and not as complex as say astroneer. So if your looking for something to kill time, but simple enough to not fry your brain, I recommend this game. The only thing I wish that could be improved is controls, as I couldn't quit open the pause menu and would have to close out of the app entirely, so maybe a icon that is for the menu, rather then relying on the back button.

love the game. the only thing I would change to make it more realistic and continue in the scifi format is to change the remote control setup for the robots. instead of selcting what they should pick up each turn you should be able to simply toggle which resources you want them to get. either that or the robots should only be able to last in the field for as long as you can go without food and water to control them. and charge as fast as you sleep.

I've made it to day 40, explored the planet 100% built all of the craftables I can and I've only been able to upgrade my metallurgy to level 2. The game itself is flawed in many ways, most all of the flaws having to do with progression. The mining bots for example, you HAVE to control them manually or they won't pick up ore, and if you want to do anything while you're controlling your bots from another screen you CANT. Taking away the ability to multitask does not add an extra layer of realism.

Very nice indie game. The objective is straightforward after you do the tutorial and to read the intro. The intro bit is actually before the game starts, you need to select it in the main menu. I really haven't played another android game like it, plus the only forced ads there are is when you are looking at the star map,, and you only need to look at it when planning/space traveling.

Love the concept and art work, but those qualities are secondary to gameplay. The food and fatigue mechanics are quite annoying. I find myself eating and sleeping all day in game, most days, so those stats can be as close to zero as possible. If those stats are too high I am not getting the most out of my resource collecting robots. Even when eating to bring food down to 0, fatigue goes up a lot then the same process for sleeping. Due to these the game is a huge annoying grind and just isn't fun.

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Random Space is a game of survival in the wild space. - increased game stability;
- minor bugs fixed.

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