Kuzbass is an extraordinary horror adventure that tells the fascinating story of a family in a difficult, confusing and frightening situation. Once a young man named Slavik urgently poisoned himself with his family in the city where his grandmother lived. The reason for the trip was sad – the unexpected death of an elderly relative. Once in the city, the hero was unpleasantly surprised by the empty streets and darkness reigning around. After a while, it became clear that the family fell into a trap set by someone. To survive, the characters need to uncover all the secrets of this terrible place and find a way out. The game pleases with an interesting storyline, entertaining puzzles and excellent graphics.

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I think it was great,great story,and long game,which i like,only things i would say need changed/improved are, 1st. Translation for the characters when they speak,not just subtitles, 2nd. A little ambient music to make it more tense, 3rd. The threat was not scary at all,actually funny,so maybe make them different? 4th.And I think a sequel would be perfect,cuz the endings were very, well...Short? I feel like there needs to be more,But other than those few things you did a great job!🥰prequel?🙏

Kuzbass is a game where you play as a young boy who visits his "dead grandmother" with his parents and must defeat her when she is revealed to be a witch. The storyline is interesting and I like the direction that it was taken. The models for the characters and buildings were fine. The only thing I would say needs improvement would be the atmosphere as it was not that scary and setting a heavier atmosphere and working on the translations would improve the game a lot. Overall it was good.

Five Stars for effort and having the beginning of something really great. I'd like to see more interactive parts. It seems like right now, you spend most of your time walking around and occasionally using an object. The villans should be more of a threat, too. I also found the game to be very dark. Even when I turned the brightness all the way up, I had trouble seeing the game. Finally, there seems to be a glitch with the dynamite. I picked up all 4 at once, but could only place the 1st one.

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Name Kuzbass: Horror Story Game
Version 0.18
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (8252 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 28, 2022
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