PinOut Codes (2023 December) 1.0.5

Last update November 19, 2023

PinOut is an exciting and visually stunning arcade game that takes the traditional game of pinball to the next level. With its futuristic neon graphics and pulsating soundtrack, PinOut creates an immersive gaming experience like no other. The objective of the game is to navigate through an endless pinball table, collecting points and power-ups along the way. With its challenging gameplay and addictive nature, PinOut is the perfect game for anyone looking for a thrilling and immersive gaming experience on their mobile device.

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hdt5kegl664December 14, 2023
9omC0r4aKR220January 17, 2024
t6mnXTNz4265December 9, 2023
ZXIzoDBv5xK469January 6, 2024
5b6Kcgaehx554December 28, 2023

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One of my favorite mobile games, but it can be a little buggy. Designed for 16:9 screens which are kinda uncommon in 2023, doesn't format well on modern phones. If it just had some black bars on the top and bottom I think that would be better than cutting off the sides, as some of the later levels have content to the side that cannot be seen. Also some mild graphical bugs (ball under transparent surface, clipping, texture errors). Experience uncommon physics errors. Still a great game, recommend

Amazing Soundtrack and Great Atmosphere Buy the soundtrack on Bandcamp. This is a fun "tower-climb"-style Pinball table with seemingly endless progression and matching synthesizer tracks for each area. I'm sure it can be completed, I've just always run out of time before reaching the final level. It's challenging, has nice mini-game interludes, and looks great.

Honestly one of the best games I've played on Android. Great graphics, incredible music, and just a really neat concept in general. They only in-app purchase is the ability to resume from checkpoints, which isn't even needed to enjoy the game. Loses 1 star because it hasn't been updated to accommodate modern tall screens, so the sides are a bit cut off. It makes it feel a little more cramped than my old phone, and the ball occasionally goes off-screen. Hope they'll update it!

This is how games should be made. What a masterpiece. Sound, colors, fun factor ... Thats what I've been saying... Then I hit level 6. WEEKS of trying and cant get past it. Paddles are super far apart so a miss sends the ball back almost 1/2 a map segment. You need to hit the ball perfectly 100% of the time, after figuring out the right path to take, in the matter of seconds. Infuriating.

Enjoyable pinball game with a futuristic neon theme. You aren't locked to a single screen, but keep trying to climb further and further up the course. The countdown timer keeps the pressure on, but there are checkpoints so it isn't too frustrating. You get to keep your best runs and carry forward your extra time, which makes it highly replayable. Overall a well designed and balanced game. Kudos to the developer. The game is anything but "mediocre"!

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Pinball reinvented as an audiovisual arcade experience 64 bit compatibility

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