OpenRice is a popular dining and restaurant guide app that provides users with a platform to discover, review, and rate restaurants. With a wide range of features including dining recommendations, user reviews, and restaurant booking, OpenRice is a go-to resource for food enthusiasts. Users can explore various cuisines, check restaurant details such as menus and opening hours, and make informed decisions through the app. OpenRice also hosts a community of food lovers who share their dining experiences and recommendations, making it an interactive and engaging platform for foodies. Whether looking for casual dining or fine dining, OpenRice has got you covered.

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OpenRice Reviews

Has way too many ads including pop-up ads and banner ads that arent even related to food. Native ads that at least offer another restaurant at least makes sense and is tolerable. Search results especially for western foods are often hit or miss as well. The desktop version is even worse with native ads in the form of a map which tricks you into clicking into it by looking like directions to the place you want to go. The only saving grace are the occasional promotions and booking features.

Rubbish after the new update. Bring back the old version. So hard to navigate and not user friendly!

Much too easy to accidentally book online while not logged in. Then for some reason they can't put the booking on my actual account even though the email, phone, name are exactly the same. Seems strange when other companies can easily fix that. i tried to give a negative review once and got an email asking if i was sure i wanted to post it and telling me what I needed to change - i gave up after that.

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