Mimelet Codes (2023 December) 1.0.16

Last update November 19, 2023

Mimelet is a new and exciting online game that combines the art of mime with immersive virtual reality technology. Players enter a vibrant virtual world where they must use mime gestures to communicate and overcome various challenges. With stunning graphics and intuitive gameplay, Mimelet provides a unique and captivating gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned mime enthusiast or new to the world of mime, Mimelet offers endless hours of fun and excitement. Get ready to let your imagination run wild and embrace your inner mime with Mimelet!

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ywsTDACO709January 8, 2024
y2tS9CjhDG238December 18, 2023
wGdv20bJ1838January 6, 2024
7ytKw0W6V1H869December 16, 2023
NzxclkvwTK907December 20, 2023

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Mimelet Tier List

This game is pretty good. The mechanic of killing enemies to get their abilities is a very interesting idea, and the game itself is pretty charming. The only complaint of mine is that, sometimes you can't see the entirity of the screen and may fall into your doom. The movement is a bit jerky, otherwise it is a good game to try if you want to have a casual time.

Very good game! If you're bored and looking for a simple easy game to play with cute art and retro styled music,this is it. The mechanic of getting powers from enemies is well thought out and works greatly,I can't wait for it to get more levels and enemies! The boss at the end,well,it was relatively easy but still,great game,I seriously recommend it. Neutronized,you never fail to make good games.

just putting a bug report here, falling down fast enough that you end up offscreen makes the game freeze.

Pretty good. Controls/game input reaction times/game slowdown - a minor niggle. Overall, pretty good platformer/puzzle game. Too simple and short to be fully satisfying for a gamer-type, but probably good for new players and children. Decent, for the 30 minutes it took. Would like to see more complexity and difficulty; beyond the couple forced trial-by-error segments - there wasn't much challenge. Kinda nice, if you want more of a relaxed experience - but not long enough/replay value to be zen

It's a good game, the controls are good and it's nice and responsive. The mechanics are interesting too. The only thing that's a bit underwhelming is the art, I love the style, colours and environments of all the dev's games, just this one is a bit less fun to look at than (some of) the others. Still cool though, 5 stars :)

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Steal Powers from Enemies - Updated Target SDK to 33

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