Magic Jigsaw Puzzles – Games HD is the ultimate puzzle game for puzzle lovers of all ages. With over 20,000 high-definition puzzles to choose from, you will never run out of fun and challenging options. The game features a variety of themes including animals, landscapes, famous landmarks, and more. The intuitive controls make it easy to piece together each puzzle, and you can even customize the difficulty level to suit your preferences. Download Magic Jigsaw Puzzles – Games HD and bring the joy of puzzling into your daily routine.

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The puzzles are generally fun. That said, the frequency and length of ads has gotten out of control and made it so much less enjoyable that I'm not sure how much longer it will hold my interest. Update 7/2023: I eventually paid for the no ads option. Still lots of annoying pop-ups wanting you to purchase more. On top of that, "gifts" pop up DURING play time, interrupting the movement of puzzle pieces. Some people might like that, but there should be an option to turn it off.

I enjoy working the puzzles and like the different size & rotation options. You can also move the frame / biggest part out of range to make room to work on smaller sections. I just wish pieces wouldn't snap together when I happen to place them next to each other, without realizing it. There's a lot of variety in the pictures. I've gathered lots of puzzle packs so there's always something new that I'm interested in.

Overall this a great puzzle app. There are a few things that would make it even better. When zooming, it seems to only zoom to a random quarter of the puzzle, and you cannot change the zoom location until that quarter is finished. If I am missing something, please It would be great to be able to scroll when zoomed, in order to see other parts of the puzzle. Second, having a separate tray or multiple trays to hold pieces without cluttering the main puzzle area would be a welcome improvement.

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