“Makeup Cover Star: Fashion DIY” is a fun and informative series that explores the world of makeup and fashion in an accessible and creative way. From makeup tutorials to DIY fashion projects, this show is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their personal style. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned fashionista, “Makeup Cover Star” offers something for everyone. Join us as we delve into the latest beauty trends, provide step-by-step guides for creating stunning looks, and share insider tips on how to transform your wardrobe with simple and affordable DIY projects. Tune in and become your own makeup cover star!

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- Win exclusive prizes: $50 Sephora gift card, 5 free makeovers.

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- "Unlock 200 coins, 5 gems, 3 brushes, 10 lipsticks!"

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Makeup Cover Star: fashion diy

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Makeup Cover Star: fashion diy Review

Awesome game. I'm a person who loves and plays games despite being older. Good fun to play.Another thing to note is that it is of good quality. It's a pleasure to play. No annoyance of ads when playing offline. Anyway I really liked it. Its controls, graphics and gameplay as a whole are excellent. Loved it.❤️❤️😊🙏

the mini game is fun and the make-up thing, it's just that the screenshot --my screenshots-are nowhere to be found. it says, it's saved in photo album, but where on earth is that album!? dissapointing.

i can't even play the games because ads kept popping up and they give you these coins but you have to watch a video and the coins they don't evn give you ehough for the hair,makeup,clothes for instance they gave me 156 in coins most of the hair was 350 and the makover was most of the same don't waste you space and time getting it and as a matter of fact i got one lf their games before i don't know why i did again.i thought this one was going to be ok thats why but no

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