In the world of archery, the Last Arrows are known as the elite sniping archers. Trained in the art of stealth and precision, these warriors possess unmatched accuracy and deadly aim. They lurk in the shadows, patiently waiting for their target, before unleashing their lethal arrows. Their expertise lies in long-range sniping, strategically eliminating foes without being detected. With each shot, they prove their mastery over the bow, leaving their enemies perplexed and fearful. The Last Arrows, the ultimate sniping archers, are the embodiment of skill, patience, and lethal precision.

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- 1. 100 gold, 5 rubies, Longbow of Precision, 50 arrows 2. 200 gems, 10 diamonds, Enchanted Quiver, 20 Explosive Arrows 3. 5000 money, 3 emeralds, Lucky Charm Bracelet, 100 Poison Arrows 4. 250 gold, 1 amethyst, Lightning Bow, 50 Electric Arrows 5. 1000 gems, 20 gold, Cloak of Invisibility, 200 Blinding Arrows

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $50, 10 diamonds, 200 wood, Legendary bow, Health potion, Poison arrow, Magic quiver.

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yCluWgn2792November 15, 2023
0ZGdB9eEpa238October 3, 2023
4m7Unbi6L963November 10, 2023
Cgn5BcQvxAM216September 29, 2023
nA0JagwSye262October 28, 2023

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Last arrows has a good concept, and i like the simplicity of the controls. But i think it could have a few improvements. After the end of 5 stages, you unlock an ability. Though its the same every time, and you should have a skill tree here. So theres some replay value in the game. And i dont think you should be completely defenseless when the enemy gets near. Whether its a simple kick, dagger, or flash bomb to stagger them. Its simple changes, that would enhance the xp of game.

Very much a puzzle game of sorts, while still having you arching, and progressing through the enemies. You unlock new attacks and boosts as you go, and since the enemies become more diverse and powerful as well, you have to put some thought into the best way to use what you have. Overall a fun game, and much better than so many other games I have played. Thanks, devs! =]

This is a great and really fun game, I was excited at the end, because i thought it might add to the game play but then it just ended... There are 2 difficulty settings and you can earn gold as you go with them but even finishing both the easy and the hardcore modes i never made enough money to buy even one character change, and the game is no where near long enough to bother purchasing upgrades.

Meh... Honestly I only played a few waves. I think this would be more fun if you were jumping from rock to rock, conserving ammo, and advancing towards a goal. As it is, it's just a wave based shooter and it's pretty mindless. Maybe it gets better later but it's slow, repetitive, and not really engaging. This is a shame because this game has great animation, good effects when shooting an enemy, and I like the style. It falls victim to mobile game syndrome unfortunately.

So far I'm into the game for about an hour and its alot of fun. Great controls, cool concept and it loads and is up and running quickly. Great for quick sessions while I'm on break and I can see myself playing it for quite a while. Just what I was looking for. The odd instance where an annoying ad that kept popping up in another game actually noticed me to try it and it was a good choice. Highly recommended.

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