Kung Fu Z is an addictive mobile game that lets you unleash your inner martial artist. Join the journey of a lone survivor battling hordes of zombies with epic Kung Fu skills. Master various techniques and unlock powerful abilities to defeat the undead and protect your dojo. Engage in intense boss battles and collect new characters along the way. With its fast-paced gameplay and stunning graphics, Kung Fu Z offers a thrilling and action-packed gaming experience. Are you ready to become the ultimate Kung Fu hero and save humanity from the zombie apocalypse?

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So far I'm enjoying it. Its a fun game to pick up and play on the go. At the moment I have no complaints. **Update**: So I finally reached the final level after hours of grinding only for the level to not load at all. My game is basically bricked. Whenever I restart I'm stuck on a black screen where my characters are glitched. I tried reinstalling too. Its pretty much unplayable at this point. Not sure if this is common but it's unfortunate.

I honestly just decided to take a random chance on this game because the art looked nice, but I was very pleasantly surprised with how fun it ended up being! The combat is very enjoyable, I love being able to pick and choose abilities, and the perks for leveling are amazing incentive to keep progressing. My favorite part? Non-intrusive ads. Very solid work, great job developers!

Absolutely love this game! The theme is awesome, it has a good blend of humor, and has isn't pay to win. Eventually it feels like it's all just the same, but is still great fun. The only real draw backs are that it's appealing simplicity means that the few things not totally clear (like if you can do combos on command or not) are not explained well and the allies all feel the same; they should have more synergies with the map or playstyle of skills you're using. I hope they keep updating :)

This game is awesome, you dont need to pay for anything, 300 gems is pretty easy to get in one day, so getting a sidekick is pretty easy. And all of the abilities look really cool and are all different. The only thing I would change is how you level up sidekicks, maybe level them up with jade points instead of getting them again in packs. This makes it really hard to level up epic sidekicks. Other than that best game. I played it for 5 hours nonstop and it was still fun. 15/10

Highly addicting and fun, but there are a lot of subtle thing they expect you to pick up on naturally, even though I had to look up a video once I couldn't progress past the fourth level. But there is no paywall, in game currency comes easily buy watching an optional ad once in a while, and I love that concept.

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Over 4 million downloads! Update 1.9.26 (859) includes:
• Ads optimizations
• Crash reporting added

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