King of Sails: Ship Battle is an exhilarating mobile game that puts you in the captain’s seat of a powerful naval fleet. Command your ships, engage in epic sea battles, and conquer the high seas. With intricate ship customization, strategic gameplay, and stunning graphics, King of Sails is the ultimate naval warfare experience. Choose your fleet wisely, upgrade your ships, and outsmart your opponents to become the true King of Sails. Take control of the seas and rewrite history in this action-packed maritime adventure. Embark on epic battles and prove your prowess as the ultimate commander of the fleet. Enjoy the thrill of naval warfare with King of Sails: Ship Battle.

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King of Sails: Ship Battle Tier List

So far, this game has a lot going for it, still in Beta. The game sets a great mood and esthetic for wooden ship battles. Great graphics, sounds, and music. Would like to see more maps/variations. Some more battle music? Diff classes of ships handle like you'd expect. Perhaps add a simple chat or command system for team (attack target, help, etc.) So far, it's been a fun ride, with a bit of grinding to get the items you want, but they aren't untenable. Keep up the great work, devs.

So far so good, much more fun than the other ship games. How about adding in some way we can run cargo and specific deliveries as a way to make some money. Once you start losing that means the upgrades aren't doing much good. I haven't gotten any rubies for the last 3 or 4 battles which I won. Just battling might get old pretty quick.

OK, now it is time to go from my initial post of 'So far so good.' and 4 stars adding one more star & comment on this game. All of graphics are well done right down to the country flag waves with the wind. the waves, wakes, & water are done very well. The hazards of ice, rocks, islands, beach, are nicely done & adds a touch of realism. the color scheme of the whole game adds a nice touch. tThe sound effects are quite good, but maybe add a few more battle cries. all-in-all a very good game!

Definitely worth the download and time or killer thereof but enjoying destroying ships none the less. Would be better if there was an explanation page or something at least for the ammo options. Maybe a way to trade or sell the sails repair kit since I've never once needed them and they're uselessly piling up. Still learning though and having fun but haven't figured out if I can change my ship from the first one spawned before a war begins but that would be kinda cool. Overall though great game!

Great fun, more than when I used to play the Pirates of the Caribbean game. I could only a couple of stages into PotC before I got stuck on a timed stage. Targeting system here in King of Sails seems better than old versions of PotC. But it seems to take a little longer to sink ships in this game. But everything else seems fun & well done, especially the Targeting/change views, and graphics!! Definitely give this game a try and download it!! Bon voyage, Captain Blythe!!⛵️🚢

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