Are you ready to face your worst nightmares? Introducing Killer Clown 3D: Scary Game, the ultimate horror experience. Dive into a nightmarish world where evil clowns lurk in the shadows, ready to haunt your every step. With stunning graphics and spine-chilling sound effects, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore haunted attractions, solve terrifying puzzles, and survive the deadly encounters with the Killer Clown. Can you make it out alive? Download Killer Clown 3D: Scary Game now and test your courage.

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Killer Clown 3D : Scary Game Tier List

Really cool game, the graphics are awesome and the overall gameplay is very fun. The game of course keeps repeating it's self I noticed and I gain more points. I don't know if everyone has the same gameplay happen but that's what happens cause I have played this game three times now. But overall I really enjoy it and find it fun, would recommend it to others as well

Truly a sensational game. The scares are beautifully written and executed, along with the sensational plotline in the middle between the characters. You feel bad for them, for their struggles, but none are truly morally white or black. They all experience their own struggles and the way this is portrayed is simply sensational. There will never be another game which quite outshines killer clown 3D's emotional yet perfect representation of people's struggles, and to even assume such is a crime.

The voice acting is all hilariously bad TTS that at some points sounds like the TikTok voices. The game sometimes offers you choices that require you to watch an ad, only for the choice to have the same outcome to the other choice or has a worse outcome. You earn currency after each chapter that has no use as far as I can tell. There is an ad after every chapter and you are required to have internet connection to play. The only redeeming quality is the ironic hilarity of some absurd moments.

The game is good but the ads are too worst.They are coming after each time either winning or losing the levels. Worst experince is ads.

Well put aside the adds I like the game it's fun to play, but I'm stuck on the locker scene. Is there a pattern too put the books in the right place?

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Can you escape from Killer Clown? Story driven scary horror clown escape game.

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