“Face Dance: Exploring Expression through Movement”

Face Dance is a dynamic form of artistic expression that focuses on communicating emotions and narratives through facial movements and gestures. Participants engage in a series of choreographed exercises that encourage the exploration of a wide range of emotions, from joy and excitement to sadness and contemplation. By honing their ability to convey complex emotions through facial expressions, participants develop a deepened sense of self-awareness and emotional connection. Whether as a standalone performance or integrated into other dance forms, Face Dance offers a unique and captivating means of storytelling through the power of the human face.

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Face Dance

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Face Dance Reviews

Not as advertised! Do not download! Do not install! Do not purchase anything from this app! I purchased this app based on an ad for it that listed songs: Stayin alive, Careless whisper, Can't touch this, I feel good, Low, What is love, etc. So, I paid for the lifetime subscription, and not one of those songs is in the app. This is a total ripoff!! Stay away! Don't do what I did. The graphics are not near as good as the commercial ads show!

This app sucks. The only thing dancing on the photos I uploaded and the photos in the app is a huge smudge that makes the still photo unrecognizable. I hate descriptions that exaggerate the truth ( lie). This app doesnt do what it claims and unless you pay for it, you're forced to watch an ad every time you click on a button. When the free version is that bad, why would I pay for it in pro? This app is nothing but amateur hour big time. Uninstalled and moving on to better and more reliable.

Face dance worked great while it was free, but when they make you pay the 4.99 week now there are glitches. Every time I try to add a picture it shuts down. Or when I try to create a new facedance it automatically shuts down and you keep having to go back into the app. I am more then likely delete the app. Its not worth the 4.99 weekly if they wont allow you to use it anymore. There content is very limited as well.

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