“JustPlay is a revolutionary platform that brings together gaming and social media, offering an immersive experience for gamers worldwide. With a diverse range of game genres and an active community, JustPlay provides a unique space for gamers to connect, compete, and share their gaming experiences. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive player, JustPlay has something for everyone. From live streaming of gameplay to interactive challenges and tournaments, JustPlay is the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts. Join JustPlay today and immerse yourself in the exciting world of gaming like never before.”

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JustPlay Reviews

Just play was doing okay. I have cashed out about $50 in the last year I have been playing it. Now they've ramped up the ads. There was a few sprinkled in like if you messed up in Treasure Master and wanted to continue or maybe before a restart when you ran out of continues. I really enjoyed the solitaire game. Now I can't play 1 minute without ad breaks. You're showing too many ads. Not fun anymore. 😡

For the most part, I have really enjoyed the app and have cashed out over $140 over the last year. I understand the ads, but there are way too many now. They will literally interrupt your turn, and it's beyond frustrating. Also, I have reported several of the games that I have finished a task, and it never gave me the rewards. I haven't heard back from support a single time, and I'm STILL missing my points. There's no point in keeping the app if I can't get what I've earned.

The ads are ridiculous. There are so many. I see 5 ads before I finish a hand of solitaire. BUT they do pay out every 3 hours just like they say. It's not a lot but what can you say? The same ad plays over and over and it makes me want to quit playing. Also the balance update banner comes across the top of the screen every second and gets in the way of playing . Other than those things I like playing but will stop if it isn't tweeked a little bit.

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